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Sania Mirza is all in praise for Nadia Jamil

Nadia emphasises the significance of feelings she experienced while coming to terms with her traumatic past

Sania Mirza is all in praise for Nadia Jamil!

Indian ace tennis star Sania Mirza expressed her deep respect for Pakistani actor and activist Nadia Jamil, calling her as “truly inspiring.”

Remarks from Sania Mirza were shared in response to Nadia Jamil’s post on X-platform.

“You are so truly inspiring. I’ve been following you and everything you do .. so so amazing,” Sania Mirza wrote as she reposted Jamil’s tweet.

Enlightening her followers as a survivor of sexual abuse, Nadia Jamil in a detailed account wrote: “It’s taken a long time getting here, but Alhamdulillah I am truly blessed, & can say with my head high, I am a survivor, who learned how to become a blessed thriver. I walked through agonizing pain, zero self-esteem, constantly outsourcing my happiness, & hiding from situations & people, with deep unhappiness. Till I found the tools to learn how to parent myself, till I found the way to respect myself, protect myself & love myself. I am responsible for taking care of the child within me & I am responsible for every other child whose healing I can somehow facilitate.”

“Healing is possible, the light at the end of the tunnel is real. It’s okay to feel the fear, & move towards it. At our own pace. It’s ok to feel sad & own our fears. It’s ok to feel overwhelmed. It’s okay to stop & just breathe. Because that’s the most important thing I do anyway. Breathe. The one thing I can’t live without for more than a few minutes if even that. It took me time to find my beautiful tribes. All of them. Especially the tribe that shatters the shame with me. The tribe that says it out loud it’s #notmyshame. It never was. Thank you INCREDIBLE

“I LOVE MY T-SHIRT! I was a scared child in the past, I’m a strong adult woman today. Join me Pakistan, and everyone everywhere else in the world, in saying it out loud, the shame ONLY belongs to rapists. Let’s all facilitate healing & a world where every survivor of CSA is a thriver,” Nadia Jamil added.




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