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Sylvester Stallone to Make One Last Appearance as Rambo

The veteran actor has been appearing in the iconic role for over 37 years


Sylvester Stallone is all set for his upcoming movie Rambo: Last Blood, the supposedly last installment of his iconic film series Rambo. Though old and veteran, the actor is still amped up to give a full-blown action treat to his fans.

Rambo is back in “Last Blood”, first trailer out

“The warrior can never find peace. He’s getting older, so he’s getting hurt even more,” said the 72-year old.

37 years after Rambo: First Blood premiered, the much-hyped movie’s last installment is hitting theaters soon and real-life Rambo is nothing less than excited to take up the role one last time.


The movie will revolve around the kidnapping of John Rambo’s surrogate grand-daughter Gabrielle (Yvette Monreal) by a sex cartel in Mexico, and Rambo will be hunting down the culprits to avenge his family. Of course, there’s lots of action in the movie and once can only expect the best from Sylvester.


Alongside Rambo: Last Blood, the veteran actor is also working on an installment of Rocky. While talking to an American publication, the actor also revealed his plans to work in China.

“I may be doing a movie in China soon. Top secret. A big one”, said the actor who without revealing details informed that the movie would be set in Honk Kong.

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