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This young protege of the iconic Jackson clan is in Pakistan!

Can you guess who he is?

Michael Jackson’s nephewJaafar started off from Islamabad and is now in Lahore.“First day in Pakistan - OyeYeah News

The King of Pop Michael Jackson’s nephew, Jaafar Jackson, is in Pakistan and is seemingly touring the country as per his Twitter and Instagram posts.

Jaafar, who is singer himself, has kept his fans updated by posting snippets of his tour on Instagram. He started off from Islamabad and is now in Lahore.

“First day in Pakistan. Been looking forward to this trip and experiencing the different cities,” the singer wrote  on Instagram, posing in front of the Pakistan Monument in Islamabad.

In the same Insta post, Jaafar also shared that he will also be meeting students from few universities.

“Looking forward to meeting the students at a few of the universities I’ll be visiting,” he said.


Jaafar also posted a picture with the iconic Faisal Mosque in the background, captioning it, “Really enjoyed my time in Islamabad and now enjoying Lahore.”



From his lively social media posts, it is evident that this youngster from the iconic Jackson is enjoying his trip to Pakistan and making some great memories.

Jaafar kicked off his singing career with a debut single Got Me Singing boasting an impressive 5.29 million views on his Vevo channel. He is the son of Michael’s brother Jermaine Jackson who was a part of the Jackson 5.

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