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Twitter Abuzz with #Megxit as Harry Meghan Ditch the Throne

Some are cheering on the couple's decision and some continue to hate

Meghan and HarryMeghan and Harry - The two just said goodbye to the royal life - OyeYeah News

(Now former) Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle rocked the British monarch earlier in the morning as the two announced to “step down” from senior royal positions and become financially independent. In essence, the two just said goodbye to the royal life which had taken a toll on the couple’s emotional health in the last two years.

But as much as it rocked the royal family and Buckingham Palace, the news also sent shockwaves on internet and Twitter became abuzz with #Megxit as its top trend. While some cheered the couple for their gutsy decision, others continued to hate.

“The British are horrible, unrepentant racists. They’ve been after Meghan from day one because Prince Harry chose her and she’s not white. They’ve been wanting #Megxit and when they get it, they are still salty. Not surprised by how racist they are. We know their history,” tweeted a user.


“Princess Diana: I do things differently, I don’t go by the book. This is the same thing Prince Harry is doing,” wrote another.

“Seeing the press reaction to Megan and Harry’s announcement, just confirms why they’re right to step away. Good luck to them,” came another supportive tweet.

A Twitter user lauded the couple for setting their priorities straight, “I’m so happy for Harry and Meghan for putting their family’s wellbeing first. Let the racist a*s British press choke on that.”

“You said she was money and power hungry. Now she has given back both and you’re still not happy. Please clarify your problem,” someone asked the right question.

Meanwhile, there were others who criticized the Sussexes for abandoning the throne.

“Calling it as it is! #Megxit No titles for these two. Backstabbing a 93-year-old grandmother, utterly disgusting,” another wrote angrily.


“One woman has destroyed everything that Harry ever knew. After practically ghosting her entire family, treating Trevor & Cory in the most despicable manner, she has now finally succeeded in separating Harry from his family & friends,” tweeted a user


“Just to be clear: Harry and his current wife are throwing a fit over a photograph which didn’t include them because they are constitutionally irrelevant,” another tried to connect the dots.


And definitely, there was some humor too.

“One thing is for certain; in 5 years time, this is going to be a cracking episode on The Crown,” a parody account of Prince Charles tweeted.

Love them or hate them, the truth is Meghan and Harry have once again done the unprecedented – pretty much like their precedent though.

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