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Zara Noor Abbas Objects Racism but Promotes Colorism

And she does not even feel it's morally wrong

Zara Noor Abbas colorismZara and her likes casually promote colorism - OyeYeah News

Welcome to 2020 when it’s easy to criticize the global challenges all the while being a facilitator for the local problems. US faces racism and Pakistan faces colorism (in addition to sectarianism, extremism, racism, classicism etc. etc.) and it’s no brainer, anyone, with the latest bit of awareness. But meet Zara Noor Abbas, who all the while condemning the US for racism and hash tagging #BlackLivesMatter kind of undermines the problem her country has when it comes to people of dark color.

Earlier this week Zara took to social media to raise voice for the African-Americans in US who are currently protesting against Floyd George’s death. Over the thread, a fan pointed out the irony as they said, “really liked your fairness cream (facewash) ad”.

And of course, Zara found her ad absolutely harmless in a society that not only endorses fairer complexions but also makes young girls go through years of physical and emotional stress to achieve the specified ‘beauty standard’.

“Good, because that does not promote killing. Does not promote racism. Stop making this out of context when its not the agenda,” said the Ehd-e-Wafa actress in response.

“Your word doesn’t matter here. What matters is human life and equality and this is what I am here for. A face wash is killing no one,” she added.

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Most probably the actress needs to look up to statistics where women and young girls on an everyday basis are orchestrated by their loved ones for being ‘dark’. And while many continue to ‘not get killed’ literally, all of them find the ads, where Zara and her likes casually promote colorism, killing and hurting their souls.

the authorAisha Arshad