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Punjab Govt. Imposes ‘Micro-Smart Lockdowns’ In 856 Neighbourhoods

The government of Punjab on Wednesday has imposed micro-smart lockdowns across the province to tackle the spread of the highly contagious disease.

According to the reports, 856 sensitive neighbourhoods in Punjab have been imposed micro smart lockdown, and isolated around 7,295 infected people, said the provincial health department.

The health department reported that the infected cases in the lockdown-imposed areas has surge to 1,235.

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Note that Rawalpindi has the 123—the highest number of sealed areas, while Faisalabad and Gujarat have 42 lockdown neighbourhoods. Gujranwala, Hafizabad and Jhang have 40 sealed localities respectively.

The latest reports of said that the number of areas sealed in Sahiwal is 12, Sarghodha 24, Toba Tek Singh 11, Sheikhupura five and three zones were sealed in Vehari district.

Meanwhile, families with positive cases have been sealed for 14 days, reports said.

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