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‘Mini’ smart lockdown to be imposed in Islamabad’s coronavirus ‘hotspots’

Amidst the rising coronavirus cases in Islamabad, a “mini” smart lockdown will be imposed in the capital’s targeted COVID-19 “hotspots” from Sunday morning, according to the statement of district health office on Saturday.

As per the notification issued by the health department, the first phase of the mini smart lockdown include the areas G-9/4, G-10/4, I-8/2 and NPF.

The health department further told that a few streets of the mentioned neighbourhoods will be sealed “for now” to control the spread of the highly infectious diseaseS.

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The health department urged people to cooperate with the security personnel during the lockdown period.

Earlier, the district health department in the federal capital had recommended the implementation of a “smart” lockdown in areas where COVID-19 cases are surging.

In the light of the notification issued by the health department, several teams also conducted coronavirus surveillance activities in different sectors and observed that cases are increasing in various areas.

In the light of these developments, a notification was issued that if a timely lockdown is imposed in the mentioned locations, the transmission of the infections would be reduced in these streets and other sectors of Islamabad.

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