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Alif Episode-18 Review: Momina hears Husan e Jahan’s heart wrenching story

There is an exchange of powerful dialogues in this episode.

Alif Episode-18 ReviewIn this episode Momina hears Husan e Jahan's heart wrenching story - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Alif the drama serial based on human’s relationship with Divine is one of its own kind of a play, subject writers barely touch. Umaira Ahmed has very beautifully portrayed spirituality and Man’s connection with Almighty in her own style, in this play based on the namesake novel. Sajal Aly, Kubra Khan, Ahsan Khan, and Hamza Ali Abbasi have amazed us with their brilliant power-packed performances. Be it script, dialogue, performances, and overall execution, the play is undoubtedly a masterpiece.

The episode begins when Sultan is narrating Husan e Jahan’s heart-wrenching story to Momina how she has suffered and gone through a tiresome struggle of keeping her love and faith alive. Husan e Jahan asks Sultan to sell the portraits which Abu Talha has painted for her, she says that she wants some money so that she can take care of Qalab e Momin for few years as Abu Talha is not able to find a decent job and Qalab e Momin needed quality food, toys and food.


The character of Sultan is so beautifully crafted, he is shown the epitome of selfless love. He takes that paintings and he realized that Husan e Jahan is now a changed woman, she is not the same damsel who used to win hearts of millions by her bewitching looks but she is now only a mother of Qalab e Momin who only thinks of her son’s needs and happiness. Sultan tries to sell those paintings but no one is ready to buy those painting at its actual worth. Sultan ends up buying those paintings by selling his own house.


Abu Talha gets to know about Sultan’s visit and also that Husan e Jahan has given him portraits to sell, he gets mad on that and he blames Husan e Jahan for ruining him completely, he blames her for being materialistic that she wants money and only for that she wants to sell their tokens of love in Bazaar. Husan e Jahan is baffled to hear Abu Talha’s views about her, she feels that all her efforts have gone worthless in eyes of Abu Talha. The exchange of dialogues in this conversation is so powerful and deep. It speaks volumes about Husan e Jahan’s faith. Husan e Jahan asks Abu Talha to part his ways and he dies the same night.


Husan e Jahan returns to Pakistan and again she is in front of Sultan, as a defeated and broken woman who has lost everything in her battle of faith and love. Husan e Jahan’s soul is dead she has no hopes of returning back into the world of glamour. She seems misfit in the world that she has left behind years ago and now her heart and soul are not ready to accept this glamorous life again. Sultan is still at her side. Momina feels extremely sad to hear the heart-wrenching tale of Husan e Jahan.

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