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Alif Episode-7 Review: Qalab e Momin is reflecting back on his life

Momina might loose her acting chance in the film.

Alif Episode-7 ReviewIn this episode Qalab e Momin is reflecting back on his life - OyeYeah

Alif, the drama serial which makes one question about his or her relationship with the Divine is such a thought-provoking drama serial running on Geo Entertainment. Penned down by the veteran writer Umaira Ahmed, the play revolves around the two main characters Qalab e Momin and Momina and their struggles and their relationship to Allah.

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The episode begins when Qalab e Momin visits Turkey and right from the beginning of his journey all the past memories of his childhood with his mother revive back in his mind. He recalls the day when he starts living with grandfather and how badly he missed his mother. And then,  when he enters his grandfather’s house he sees his old calligraphy and it reminds of what his Dada said to him that he will carry their family legacy of calligraphy and he also sees some of his childhood calligraphy framed on the wall. His grandfather is more than happy to see him and they also talk about his father, his dada tells him how much he looks like his father. Then, by the way, he also learns the fact that his Dada had stopped his father from marrying his mother Husan e Jahan.


Momina is quite surprised to see Faisal from whom she has broken up years ago back, he has come to her place for condolence. She tells him that she was not expecting him to come on which he says that their relationship was not that weak that they will not even share anyone’s grief. Momina’s mother tells Faisal that she has left acting on which Momina gets shocked. Later her mother tells her that she has also talked about her proposal for him and he seems agreed, Momina clearly tells her mother that she has broken her relationship with him and now it is not possible to reconcile, secondly she cannot leave acting as she has to pay her debts.


Momina goes to Lahore for the shooting of her film and there she performs so good and impresses everyone but then she gets minor injury. Well, apparently her team is so happy with her but then we see that the team discussing watching the takes saying that she needs to be replaced. Well, one wonders why she needs to be replaced when she performed so well? One of the team members comes to Momina’s room to talk with her and she tells her that there is some problem.


Neha is creating so many troubles for Momin, she now starts fueling the writer against him when he comes for help. She does a press conference and also she announces that she now onward will work only for the films of Ahsan another filmmaker which makes Momin so mad that he calls him in a furious range but then Neha tells him that all his phone conversation is recorded too. Momin is shouting like a mad man when his Dada comes into the room, he tells him that he is so much stressed and this woman is creating so many troubles for him on which his Dada says that you want to marry this girl, Momin replies now he does not want to marry her. Dada tries to convince Momin that peace is not in this materialistic and glamourous world but he is not ready to understand.

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