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Alif Episode-9 Review: Qalab e Momin realizes that spirituality is not his forte

The thought-provoking drama serial Alif based on the novel with the same name is one of our most favorite Watches. Penned down by veteran writer Umera Ahmed, the play makes us all reflect back on ourselves and think about our relationship with Allah. The drama revolves around the two main characters Momin and Momina and their relationship with Allah.

The episode begins when Momina is having an argument with Faisal, he is insisting her to leave acting while she is resolute that she has to pay her debts off and that she wants to do herself as she is capable of doing that but Faisal taunts her by saying that she does not have to use her hands for earning she has to show her face and body in order to earn from this industry moreover he taunts her for getting addicted to the glamour and fame of this industry. Momina is really upset, she returns the money that Faisal’s mother has given her on engagement and leaves for America breaking their relationship.


Qalab e Momin is facing one of the biggest challenges of his life. As soon as he announces his film on spirituality the media goes nuts over that. No one is really liking the idea of him making a film on Spirituality. Qalab e Momin’s own team is not happy with this idea to let alone the sponsors and media. Even the cast and crew of the team is having issues with the theme of the film. Qalab e Momin says that its the highest budgeted film of his career but still no one is interested in investing in that film.


Momina is doing well in America but she is really heartbroken about what Faisal said to her. Momina is offered more work and on top of that, the casting girl even offered her to be her mentor and manager so that she will soon make her one of the biggest global stars. Momina has not yet replied to her in affirmation but she is considering that as she needs money to support her family and pay off her debts.


Qalab e Momin holds a meeting of writers and scriptwriters to work on his next project where they all including the writers were clueless, they were asking Momin references and details so that they can work in that direction. Momin is simply clueless, he asks to take some time from the team. He has realized that spirituality is not his forte and his dada was right. When he is thinking all this he receives a parcel his dada has sent her it was all his letters he wrote to Allah in his childhood and once his dada has said that by reading those letters he has found his replies to the question he was not able to find the answer. Now he has sent these letters to Momin to find answers of his own questions.

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