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Azmaish Episode 21 Review: Rohaan is continuously taking Nimra’s name

It seems that Rohaan geniuenly wants to marry Nimra

Azmaish Episode 21 ReviewAzmaish Episode 21 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

ARY Digital has aired only a single episode of drama serial Azmaish this week instead of airing double episodes. The story of step sister rivalry continues taking new turns. In the previous episodes, we have seen that Samreen’s proud and arrogant father is still keeping a strong grudge with her own sister and because of that, he refuses Rohaan’s proposal on which he takes Nimra’s name as Samreen’s father drags her in saying that he can marry her on which Rohaan says that okay he will marry Nimra and in this episode, we have seen that Rohaan is persistent to marry Nimra.

The episode begins when Phupho is assuring Samreen that she will only make her Rohaan’s bride. Rohaan and Samreen’s father has made poor Nimra’s situation in the house even more awkward. Shiza slaps hard on her face when she hears her talking with Rohaan when in fact she is convincing him to marry Samreen. Samreen also arrogantly goes to Nimra’s room and tells her not to show up in front of Rohaan and phupho, Nimra promises that he will not come out of her room.

Everyone is present in the room except Nimra, Samreen’s father once again arrogantly treating his sister and Rohaan. He is keeping such strong grudges for his own sister which not seems real. Despite everyone requesting him to change his decision, Samreen’s father clearly says that he is not going to change his opinion on which Rohaan says that it is enough, he also does not want to marry Samreen, he will marry Nimra, once again making her position even more awkward. Samreen faints at the spot.

Shiza loses her cool on Samreen’s condition she starts blaming poor Nimra for all that even Phupho gives Shiza a shut-up call. Shiza starts blaming Rohaan. Rohaan visits the hospital to see Samreen, he treats her nicely but when she returns from the hospital he tells everyone that his decision is final he is not going to marry Samreen, he will marry Nimra. Has Rohaan really developed feelings for Nimra or he is naming her just to satisfy his ego?

Samreen is really broken to hear all this she is really hurt by Rohaan but more than that her own father’s unreasonable arrogance has hurt her more. Nimra is wondering why Rohaan is still dragging her into the matter. Rohaan’s character is also not making any sense at all. To his mother he is like he does not love Nimra and also that he does not love any other girl, he says he cannot marry Samreen but any other girl his mother will choose for him. If he is not truly interested in Nimra then why he is naming her all the time, unnecessarily dragging her into the matter? Knowing that he is making her position even worse in the house.

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