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Bakhtawar Episode-13 Review: Bakhtoo’s fake identity is in danger

Bakhtawar Episode-13 Review – Hum TV drama serial Bakhtawar is trending and the reason seems behind it is Yumna Zaidi’s flawless acting. Other performances are also brilliant, particularly Zaviyaar’s. In the previous episode, we have seen that Sheeda is set free from the lock-up by Hooriya. In this episode, Sheeda is kinda blackmailing Hooriya and it seems that Bakhtoo’s fake identity is in danger.

Sheeda is not going slow, he is all set to a bug, not just Bakhtawar but also he is blackmailing Hooriya Madam. Well it sounds so absurd and weird how can a small person like Sheeda dares to blackmail Hooriya? Where are all her power and bodyguards? The power show is so weak shown in our plays. Hooriya can even kill Sheeda but why she is letting him bug her? It is making no sense at all.

Malik Dilawar is not making any reaction to knowing the fact that Hooriya has set Sheeda free. It is such a big thing but he does not react to it at all. But why? Sheeda is closely following Bakhtoo. Well, Malik Dilawar gives Bakhtoo a few responsibilities for function arrangements, and not just that he also gives her the responsibility to keep the jewellery safe. Who gives such responsibility to servants and that too newly appointed ones? Strange!

Well, my sixth sense is predicting that this jewellery thing is going to bring trouble for Bakhtoo. There might be some mishap with the jewellery. Bakhtawar goes for a job interview but Malik Dialwar’s mother has given him only a few hours’, so she leaves by tugging all her Bakhtoo getup clothes in a bag and rushes for the interview wearing Bakhtoo’s shoes. Sheeda’s friends inform him about Bakhtawar’s departure so he starts following her but she is not aware that she is being followed. Her interview gets well but it seems she is being ridiculed for her getup.

Bakhtawar goes into a hotel to change her getup to Bakhtoo because she has to get back to work. Sheeda follows her to that hotel as well. Sheeda is so clever that he even tries to make Hooriya doubt Malik Dilawar by trying to scandalize her with Bakhtawar but Hooriya, fortunately, pays no heed which is so out of character for her. She is so obsessed with Bakhtoo then why she is not feeling any doubts about hearing about his sister? Strange! Sheeda sees Bakhtoo getting out of the hotel washroom making us wonder if has he realized that Bakhtoo is Bakhtawar! The way Bakhtoo is being paranoid on his way back home seems that she is scared that her identity is in danger.

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