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Balaa Episode 3 and 4 Review: Nigaar is cooking something in her mind!

Another double episode of drama serial Balaa went on-air yesterday and the play has shown some major developments. The serial is an interesting yet intense tale of Passion and Persistence well written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah  and  excellently directed  by veteran director Badar Mehmood. Ushna Shah is brilliantly carrying  that negative role of manipulative girl who wants to control anything by means of hook or crook, either to get Lion’s share in property, or winning his brother’s trust and love by using and humiliating his  wife. What she wants is to get Taimur’s yes and she is eyeing Taimur for that. And it seems like she is cooking something in her mind.

The episode begins with the doctor’s suggestion for Nigaar to be happy and also, that she should go for shopping. Junaid instructs Zeba to take care of her sister and Zeba  makes soup for her.  Nigaar cleverly throws that hot soup at Zeba’s feet and she pretends that it has fallen accidentally. Zeba knows  well that Nigaar has deliberately done that. Well the question rises why she is doing that ?

The later scene shows that she goes into her brother’s room with some food and is apologizing over and over. Then we see her going out for shopping and bringing back some  stuff for Zeba also and shows fake love and concern for her.  It seems like Zeba, deep inside knows about the  ongoing drama. What it makes  us wonder is that what is Nigaar cooking?


Taimur’s  wedding preparations are in full swing but Saba is not happy with this development,  she is planning something else, although she called the guy she loves  and said that she is done with him.  But she is still seeing that guy. Saba has some courage that she even manages to meet that guy in the same shopping mall where she goes for shopping with Taimur and her in laws. Unfortunately Nigaar see Saba with that guy, sitting and talking together in the food court of the mall and since then it seems that she is planning something. Nigaar asks her father for 10 lacs, and viewers  wonder what will she do with that amount of money?


Zeba starts getting dumb calls and flirty messages and one wonders that who is the guy well? It may be some random person doing that, since its a  common practice in these days to tease people via calls. but the way it is done, what comes to mind is that maybe someone might be deliberately doing that  with some purpose on his mind or maybe it is one of the plan’s  Nigaar is cooking,   well you never know. The most strange thing is the over reaction of Junaid on this situation,  as it is so common that girls get such kinda calls and messages but still he is doubting on her. Junaid goes far enough that he even slaps her. Well it seems as if their relationship is getting weaker.


Taimur’s mother is so resolute that she will not start any of Taimur’s wedding function without Zafar Bhai presence. So, after having lots of arguments, she finally convinces her family to go to Zafar’s place. having reached there  Zafar sahab insults her very badly. He is insulting them but Taimur’s mother is insisting over him to attend the function and to forgive him. Out of no where,  Nigaar suddenly enters the room and she says that she will go to the wedding function. It seems like, as if she is about to  execute her master plan now. Watch the next episode to know more!



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