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Balaa episode 7 and 8 Review: Nigar is very conveniently ruining so many lives,

Her antics have killed Zeba and Nigar is without any remorse.

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Balaa, the story of revenge, obsession and persistence has been beautifully penned down by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and well executed by the director Badar Mehmood. Nigar’s physical disability, her mental sickness, her despicable nature are the highlight of Balaa and Ushna Shah has delivered a commendable performance in this loathsome character. Even though Nigar is handicapped, you cannot find it in your heart to feel bad for her at all.

There are two deaths shown in these episodes and Nigar is the reason behind both, what I would call  murders. She is very conveniently ruining lives of people around her and does not even have an ounce of remorse.

The episode begins when Saba elopes with her lover leaving behind a note that says “I’m Sorry”. It has shocked everyone including Rashida Khala who cannot survive this embarrassment. However before dying she begs forgiveness from Taimur and tells him that if Saba  comes after her death don’t even tell her about her grave. Taimur is super shocked so he does not console her but in fact  he is mad at everyone including Nigar who seems  to him, is making fun of his misery.


Well we were guessing right! Nigar is the mastermind behind all this! Yes all! She hires Saba’s lover to trap poor Zeba. Yes Zeba’s self proclaimed lover is the same person who claims to be Saba’s lover. He does all that just because Nigar has given him the money. Zeba’s humiliation causes her to have a stroke and she passes away as a result.

Just how despicable can Nigar get, being responsible for two deaths at the same time and not regretting troubling every soul around her.


Junaid has turned into a drunkard and Nigaar and his father is using him as a ” Spare Wheel” and Junaid agrees to be one as he has said yes for Batool’s proposal as he thinks that he cannot be happy  but he can make his sister happy.


Nigaar is playing her cards well, she is behaving so well and considerate in front of Taimur’s mother that she is seriously considering her for Taimur. It is shown that Taimur has somehow manged to comeback to normal life. Taimur’s mother advises him to marry a girl who loves him as he has already tried the one who he loved. Well nonchalantly Taimur asks his mother who is that girl and  she suggests  Nigar. Wil Taimur ever consider Nigar as his potential life partner? Will this marriage take place? We’ll have to wait to find out more next week.

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