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Balaa Episodes 37 and 38 Review: Taimur is taking his revenge in Nigar’s style

In the top trending second last episodes of Balaa things are seen being resolved. In this episode all odds went against Nigar as her sins are now being revealed to Taimur one after another. This intense yet very engaging tale of revenge is incredibly penned down by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and brilliantly helmed by Badar Mehmood and brought about some amazing performances by Ushna Shah and Bilal Abbas.

Taimur in the state of mourning has decided that he will take revenge from Nigar in her style. Taimur’s inner self is telling him that Nigar is the reason of all this disaster. She has ruined his life and has eaten up his whole family now he is going to do the same. He will snatch everything that she has but in her way. The following events go against Nigar and her true face is now fully revealed to Taimur. Taimur seeks Saba’s help in this matter too and offers to get married to her.


Moreover Taimur visits Junaid in the jail and hears his side of story too and then Dr Hamza and his mother visits his place for condolences and Hamza’s mother confesses his mistake that whatever she has done is what Nigar instructed her! Moreover Nigaar’s father confesses that he lied about Batool’s death! Taimur is traumatized by hearing all sides of the stories and he is resolute that he is going to avenge his family with a proper plan.


Strangely despite of all these confessions Nigar behaves that everything will get normal and there is no sign of regret! Well Taimur’s way of scheming and thinking is now more like Nigar’s, he poses too that he has forgiven her but he keeps plotting in his head! He realizes that the convenient way to break Nigar is to snatch all her money and property. Taimur plays a very clever trick he resigns from his job himself and poses in front of Nigar that his boss has thrown him out of the job and that now he is jobless!


Well after creating further drama and with the help of Saba, Taimur is successful to get Nigar’s property papers signed. Taimur is now Company’s MD! Furthermore Taimur gets another shock of his life when he coincidentally meets a Lady Doctor at a hospital where he takes his son for checkup, that Suliha Appa was suffering from cancer and that she was in her initial and curable stage of disease but Nigar did not pursue the treatment she recommended! Taimur is shocked to learn that Nigaar has ruined so many lives around her and still she conveniently lives without any sign of regret and shame! It is disgusting and Taimur is resolute that he will destroy Nigaar within a month the way she destroyed his family within one and half year! It is making us more anxious to watch the last episode now! What will Nigar’s fate be? Watch the last episode of Balaa on Monday on ARY Digital to find out.

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