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Bandish Episodes 5 and 6 Review: Sumbul is resolute to make Madeeha’s life more miserable

Sumbul is after Madeeha's daughter


Bandish the drama serial which is raising a very important societal issue of Black Magic commonly prevailing in our society has on aired its double episodes and these literally were scary as well. The episodes have given us goosebumps. We have to say that the script is incredibly written by Syed Nabeel & Shahid Nizami and has brilliantly directed by Aabis Raza. The latest  episodes are showcased some of the brilliant performances by Marina Khan, Sajid Hassan, Farah Shah and Hira Mani, particularly the child star Hoorain did an incredible job.

The episode begin when Sania takes off the amulet and then her condition gets worse again. It is shown that Sumbul has set a little deity on duty who gets stuff from the house for her. It is shown that as soon as Sania drops her amulet on the side table, that little deity takes it away and Sania’s condition starts becoming more miserable. Coincidentally their neighbor Izhar, Hamza’s father visits Sania’s place at that moment and he suggests that she need spiritual treatment.


Well right at the exact moment Junaid comes and he behaves so weirdly when Izhar mentions that Sania might be under the influence of black magic! Well it is just absolutely understandable not to believe in magic and that stuff but to misbehave with a guest who is just showing concern about your own daughter seems something beyond comprehension. Well luckily Junaid flees off from the situation as Sandal calls him and Izhar helps Sania out of the situation by reciting holy verses and he makes sure that Sania never leaves the amulet.


Things gets worse when Haniya is dinning out with Hamza and Junaid catches them and he over reacts in this whole situation. He drags Haniya by pulling her hand and slaps Hamza! Sandal witnesses the whole scene, she calls Sumbul and she is now after Hamza and Haniya relationship too. She tells Sumbul that it is very necessary that Madeeha’s daughter do not get married! Well Madeeha’s life gets more miserable when Junaid drags Haniya into the house and Madeeha takes Haniya’s side by saying that she has given permission to her which makes Junaid mad and he gives her first Talaaq!


The diety of the house is now after little Aleena and she has possessed her completely. She starts doing weird things where she gets a strength of a Jinn she grabs Haniya up in the air and throws her down. Izhar tries his best to cure Aleena from the evil but his powers and prayers fails and the diety which has possess Aleena grabs him up in the air and throws him down. Poor Izhar is hospitalized and Sumbul is somehow successful in her evil doings and making Madeeha’s life more miserable. Sumbul visits Sandal and Junaid’s place and the way she talks with Junaid seems that she is having a lifelong grudge with him and as if she wants to hide her identity from him. Sumbul is happy that Junaid is going out of the country with Sandal on honeymoon as it will be more convenient for her to carry her black magic spells on Madeeha’s family during Junaid’s absence.

What will happen with Madeeha and her daughters waits to be seen. For now, Bandish brings across a very different and interesting topic for the audience. The horror drama has brought about a strong story line and some powerful performances, something which we had only seen earlier in the HUM TV drama, Belapur Ki Dayan.

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