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Bandish Episodes 7 and 8 Review: Madeeha is in an absolute helpless state

Another dual episode of drama serial Bandish on aired. The last two episodes scared the hell out of me and these episodes were not different either. The play revolves around the curses and practices of Black magic, the story, very artfully penned down by Syed Nabeel and Shahid Nizami and brilliantly directed by Aabis Raza. Marina Khan, Sajjid Hassan, Farah Shah and Hira Mani have given remarkable performances in Bandish, with a background score that just adds more to the horror element and goes well with the theme.

So what happened in this week’s episode? Here’s a recap for you all;

Junaid very conveniently tells Madeeha about his second marriage and also that now he has no interest in her anymore. Madeeha is feeling so broken and betrayed, she recalls those days when Junaid used to adore her and love her passionately. Madeeha’s daughters gets shocked to learn this reality! Haniya’s reaction is very strong, she is all set to snub her father; but it seems like it is of no use, they have already lost their father!


Well before this incident a family sends proposal for Sania and Hania for their two sons and have approved the girls too, now after getting this heartbreaking news of Junaid’s second marriage, Madeeha is resolute to marry off her daughters to this family as soon as possible whereas Sania and Hania are not ready to accept this proposal as they both are involved somewhere else. Hania calls Hamza and shares with him the situation but Hamza advices her to stay calm and resist as according to him it is not the right time to talk about their marriage. On the other side Dr Abiyan’s mother calls Madeeha and she talks about the proposal for Sania.


Madeeha’s friend tries to help her out by bringing a spiritual person who deals in black magic cure, he starts praying verses and give amulets to Madeeha but then Junaid insults him and throws him out of the house. Later Madeeha pays visit to his place and narrates all her problems to him on which he replies that his whole family is under the influence of a very strong Black Magic spell and that his husband is too under that magic spell and in order to break that spell she needs to carry a practice along with him! He gives her a handful of amulets to put them in water and moreover he says that he will do the practice himself and hopefully with Grace of Allah her family and her husband will be free with this spell.


However it is shown that Sumbul is extremely powerful with her magic. She has pleased the Devil to that extent that even pious practitioner cannot break that strong spell. In fact Sumbul casts such a strong spell on that the poor man, that  Madeeha’s last hope dies that night without carrying out the said ritual. Here Madeeha and Sania see with their own eyes that those amulet vanish in the blink of an eye! Madeeha feels herself so helpless when she gets to know about the death of the man. But then her friend takes her to Sumbul’s den! Poor Madeeha is going to seek help from the same witch who is already resolute to ruin her life and her family! Madeeha recognizes Sumbul, she is their old class fellow in university. Sumbul hears Madeeha’s story and agrees on helping her or in other words making things go even more worse!

It seems we’ll now be getting an insight into the reason Sumbul is resolute in ruining Madeeha’s life. Perhaps something must have occured in the past that compelled Sumbul to destroy Madeeha to such an extent. To know how the tale unfolds, tune in to Bandish, only on ARY Digital.

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