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Bandish S2 Episode-13 Review: Sameer eventually understands there is some problem in the house

Rabail sees Hisaam trying to kill her at her place

ARY Digital drama serial Bandish S2 after its 13 Episodes, is getting intense and interesting. Performances are all good be it Sania Saeed, Affan Waheed, or Zanaib Qayyum all are playing their role brilliantly. In the previous episode, we have seen that Hoorian is completely under the spell of black magic! In this episode, it is shown that the Psychiatrist also comes to know that Hoorain is possessed but he is helpless he cannot do anything.

Waniya and Sameer visit the psychiatrist, Hisaam and his bhabi were also seeing the same doctor coincidentally at the same time but it is not shown that Waniya and Sameer have seen them. However, Hisaam and his bhabi have seen Sameer and Waniya. Waniya tells the doctor that she has no issues in fact her house is haunted and she also tells that Hoorain writes in Hebrew a specific message. The doctor calls Hoorain at his clinic.

Farhana Chachi meets Minahal at her doorstep, she is returning from her University. It is shown that Farhana Chachi through her black magic practices possesses certain strength and powers, she can see the unseen, the past of the others. She sees Minahil with that boy sitting in a cafe. She in panic asks her about that boy but then suddenly changes the topic. She gets disturbed on seeing her with that boy and for that matter, she meets the necromancer once again.

Waniya and Sameer bring Hoorain along with them to the clinic. The doctor talks with her in person. He tries to hypnotize her but there Hoorain shows her true self to him. She is possessed and she openly blackmails the doctor that if he tries to reveal her reality to her parents she will ruin his practice. She will tell everyone about Hissaam and he will lose a huge amount of donations from them. The poor doctor is helpless he cannot do anything.

Rabail’s wedding date has been fixed. Rabail’s family has gone to Hisaam’s house to give them the wedding card when a very strange sort of incident happened with Rabail. Rabail is talking with Hisaam on a video call when suddenly the light goes off. Rabail is searching for a candle and when she lights the candle she sees Hisaam at her side he is ready to attack her with a knife she gets fainted. When in real he is still on the video call? Why did this incident happen? Farahana Chachi wants Rabail to marry Hisaam, then why did such an incident happen? Poor Rabail is too scared and Sameer is once again being so unreasonable. Sameer eventually understands that there is some problem going on in the house and he says after Rabail’s wedding he will sort it out. Interesting buildup!

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