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Bandish S2 Episode-9 Review: Pious lady’s entry creates hindrances in black magic practices

Farhana is delving more into black magic practices

Bandish Season 2 running at ARY Digital is one of our favorite weekend watches. Although the spooky elements are missing for the last few episodes, still it’s quite an engaging serial. Performances are all satisfactory. In the previous episode, we saw Farhana also bearing the consequences of doing black magic. In this episode, a pious lady’s entry into the house creates hindrances in the way of black magic.

Rabail is not ready to accept Maaz and her mother, as she is now involved with her boss and wants to marry him. We feel like Rabail’s boss is not serious with her, he is kinda flirting but then it is shown in this episode that he seriously discusses Rabail with his family. Boss’s bhabi also talks with Rabail’s mother. Farhana plays a very vital role in convincing Humaira to consider this proposal.

Minhal scene with her lover is also lit as his father out of nowhere almost agreed with this proposal and gives a positive sign. There is no such spooky scene in this episode. The absence of horror makes the play least interesting it is more like a family drama. Sameer is least interested even hearing his wife’s concerns which is making him not a sensible character.

Poor Waniya has got no choice but to confide with her sister, telling her all what paranormal activities she and her daughter is going through. Her sister takes her to a very pious woman who when hears about all the paranormal incidents going on with her, she detects the root cause immediately after she has realized that black magic is involved in this situation. That pious lady wants to visit Waniya’s house, for which Waniya is a bit reluctant as she has no idea how her family will react to seeing her. The pious lady says that she will be her guest.

Farhana is delving more and more into the black magic practices, she even desires to get strength like the necromancer he tells her that she needs to perform a Chilla to which Farhana agreed. The Pious lady comes to visit Waniya when Sameer and Humaira are not at home. The moment that pious lady enters into the house we see that the necromancer stops his practice and he gets alarmed and with that Horain who is also possessed gets alarmed at her entry. The pious lady is continuously reciting the holy verses and it seems like she has already created a shield between black magic as the necromancer is not able to continue. Will this lady be able to save Waniya, Horain, and their house from the evils of black magic?

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