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Belapur Ki Dayan Episode 11 Review: Aziz might just pay a hefty price for his past!

Its been 11 weeks we have been watching the horror play Belapur Ki Dayan and there still hasn’t been a single episode that we have not loved at all. From the script to the direction, from attention to detail to execution, each and everything in Belapur Ki Dayan has been top notch and brilliantly executed.

Inam Hasan, has become our favorite writer because his story has not only managed to keep us hooked, it offers just the right amount of twists, turns and intrigue that we anticipate each scene.

The episode begins when  we are taken back into the history where Neelofar tells everyone that Aziz has stolen the papers from her father’s safe. It is actually Rehmat who is narrating his version of history to Rameez and Ghainda in jail. However, Rameez refuses to accept this and accuse him of lying. Osama Tahir is giving a remarkable performance in Belapur Ki Dayan. He impressed us in Dar Si Jati Hai Sila but it seems, he will have more performance margin in Belapur Ki Dayan this time.

Aziz Saab finds Tasha talking with someone ( actually no one ) and questions how she will save herself if the police finds out.   Forensics reports say that the prints found on site of crime are do not belong to Rameez or his friend. Rameez tells the police, the actual reason they went to the site. However, they are not immediately released, until, Aziz pays a bribe.

Because they know about Neelo now, the Dayan visits Aziz and tells him how he will be paying for all his sins. She tells him that he won’t die easily and will witness his life being destroyed in front of himself. She also shocks Aziz by telling him that it was Tasha in actuality who killed the police officer not Rameez.

There was another scene in the drama that gave us goosebumps. Aziz  in his dream sees a casket arriving in his bedroom and it lays on the floor besides his bed. It opens with a bang and he first see it, it has Wajdaan’s body. But then the casket moves , Aziz come forward and looks at it for one more time. This time it turns out to be Neelofar and then she rises and scares him to death.

We are also shown of Neelo’s relationship with her father’s friend’s son. But nothing more for now. Was Aziz someone who ruined the relationship? Was is Rehmat? What is there to the distorted versions of the past that all of us are receiving. When will the truth unwind? To find out more, stay tuned to Belapur Ki Dayan, every Thursday, 8pm on Hum TV.

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