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Berukhi Episode-9 Review: Irtiza develops a misunderstanding about Sabeen

Someone attempts to kill Irtiza and he gets a shot on his arm

Berukhi Episode-9 ReviewBerukhi Episode-9 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Berukhi, the drama serial airing at ARY Digital is getting intense and interesting although it is still tedious at some points, however, the performances are on point. In the previous episode, we have seen that Irtiza mistakenly thinks that Sabeen is the girl chosen for him and also he reveals his true identity to her. We have also shown that Sabeen also gets attracted to him. In this episode, Irtiza develops a misunderstanding about Sabeen.

Iyya Jaan and Agha Jaan are coming to see Maira. Nazia is so clever that she forbids Sabeen’s mother not to show up in front of the guests. Sabeen’s mother follows what she has been told to do she makes an excuse of not feeling well in front of Mansoor and she has also told Sabeen not to show up in front of the guests.

Well, Mansoor’s reluctance is not making any sense here. How can he resists such a good proposal, the excuse he is making to avoid this proposal is that their status is quite high as compared to theirs. Well, it is not making any sense when they themselves are asking for the proposal then why is Mansoor still resisting. Nazia once again convinces Mansoor of this proposal through Sabeen’s mother.

Irtiza’s newly appointed house help seems quite suspicious, her manner and the way she is reporting someone about every move of Irtiza suggests that she must be planted. Irtiza and his right man goes to a place to meet someone named Siddiqui, she reports about his departure to someone on phone and as a result, Irtiza gets shot by someone, fortunately, the bullet hits on his arm and the second bullet misses. Irtiza is not safe even at his own home, house help must be an agent. Apart from the house help Iyya Jaan also hates Irtiza to bits.

Kamran is not getting right, he is back to his old flirty habits. He is in a car flirting with a girl when he sees Nabeel standing right at the back of the car, he takes away the car like a flash, Nabeel has not seen him. He is so lecherous that despite getting married to Sabeen he is still flirting with a girl to quite a level. Sabeen certainly does not deserve Kamran. Irtiza is developing a misunderstanding relating to Sabeen that she visits their place, knows him well but still poses as if she does not know him why? as he is mistaking her for Maira. Irtiza insists on his righthand man to bring Sabeen to the hospital so he can talk with her. We are wondering what will be Sabeen’s reaction to his great misunderstanding?

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