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Bewafa Episode 20 Review: Aahan slaps Kinza hard in front of Shireen

Kinza is struggling and facing hardships

Bewafa Episode 20 ReviewIn this episode Aahan slaps Kinza hard in front of Shireen - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Bewafa the drama serial running on ARY Digital is an intense story of betrayal, penned down by Radain Shah and well helmed by Aabis Raza the play shows how a caring husband Aahan cheats his own wife Kinza and gets honey-trapped by his ambitious colleague and eventually marries her, and now that girl making Aahan throw Kinza out of his house.

The episode begins when Shireen is now showing her true colors to her mother in law, all her good manners have vanished all of a sudden and now she is showing her ugly self to her. She shouts at her, misbehaves and twists her wrist so hard. Poor Aahan’s mother is so hurt, she pours her heart out in front of Kinza and Kinza gets extremely furious. Kinza treats Aahan’s mother just like her own mother.


Kinza gets mad and she goes at Aahan’s room and shouts at Shireen who in returns misbehaves with her and warns her that she will make her homeless on which Kinza gets hyper and tries to slap her but Aahan gets on time and he becomes so mad to see Kinza behaving with Shireen like that on which Shireen starts creating drama that Kinza come to her room to insult her. Aahan gets extremely mad and Kinza is mad on her too she says that she is regretting that she has fallen in love with such a weak man who is siding with a woman who misbehaves with his mother. Aahan slaps hard on Kinza’s face.


Kinza is extremely shocked, she feels like Shireen has taken his revenge for her slap by making Aahan slap her so hard. Aahan’s slap has taken away all her pride, her soul is dead now. She knows that her brother is not going to keep her but still she packs her stuff and takes Hashir with her and goes to her brother’s place but Aahan does not stop her. Aahan’s mother begs Aahan to stop Kinza from leaving but Aahan blames her mother for taking her side unnecessarily. His mother shames him for raising his hand on his wife and calling him a weak man who is blinded with Shireen’s brainwashing.


Kinza is facing a really tough time, her own bhabi is not welcoming her in her own house. She clearly tells her that she has no right in her house. Kinza travels by bus and she is looking for a job. She is struggling hard to look after her son. The play stresses that how much it is important to support your daughter and sister in such hard times. Shireen’s sister Sharmeen has a good heart, she tries to help Kinza by offering her money but Kinza says she wants to support her son herself.

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