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Bewafa Episode1 & 2 Review: Beginning of an intense tale of betrayal!

Bewafa, a new drama series of ARY Digital has just started. The story revolves around a wife being suspicious about his husband and all her suspicions turn true when she finds that her husband is involved in an extra marital affair. This intense tale of betrayal is written by Radain Shah, who wrote plays like Khudparast and Meri Guriya, and it is well executed by Aabis Raza, this is the same duo who was behind Khudparast drama serial. Ushna Shah is back, yet with another negative character, a cunning and greedy girl who is involved with her boss despite knowing the fact that he is married and is the father of a son. Naveen Waqar is playing the role of the wife while Ali Rehman Khan is the husband.

The episode begins with the scene showing Kinza and Aahan, who are celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary and while they both sit on the table,  Aahan is all occupied with his cellphone speaking volumes about their married life. He says that they have lost all the charm, the excitement which makes any relationship alive. Kinza seems quite possessive and at times annoys asking too many questions while Aahan is a calm and relaxed person, it seems true that he has gotten bored by with his wife, but he also tries his best to make her feel good.


Kinza apparently looks like a wise person who advises others to trust their spouses but she herself is extremely possessive and she often gets suspicious about her husband’s activities. For instance when her sister in law complains her about his brother and that she thinks that she has got bored of him, all her sister in law suspicions and thoughts are eventually shifted to her mind and she starts noticing small things about Aahan that why he has not worn the shirt she has selected for him? The height of her suspicion increases when her son sees his father with a girl in a car! later Aahan tells that he has taken his colleagues for a dine out as a treat. But the next moment Kinza freaks out when she gets a voice message from that same office girl, where the girl is professing her love for Aahan.


Aahan is a very calm person, he is a family man and he knows his limits. He is the one who is always quick to say sorry in all arguments. He is being loyal to his wife, although he sometimes notices her colleague Shireen taking interest in him he ignores her. Whenever his wife asks anything about the office he never hides and tells her all the details honestly. However; he does get irritated and annoyed by her wife’s over possessiveness but he never expresses it. He gets shocked when his wife shows him Shireen’s voice message but he gets hurt that his wife has trust issues with him. He snubs Shireen in front of all the office that why she thinks like that as he is married and father of a son! Later after a day, he starts regretting that he is being rude with her.


Shireen, on the other hand, is quite a cunning and ambitious girl who wants to live a life of her dreams and for that Aahan seems a right person who can fulfill her dreams. She intentionally takes great interest in him, despite knowing the fact that he is happily married and a father of a son! She makes so much excuses to get close to him by making him coffee or lying that her van is late so that he can drop him in his car. She eventually confesses her love on her sister’s advice through a voice note to Aahan which coincidentally his wife listens. She is extremely broken when Aahan insulted her for sharing her feelings in front of the whole office but then her equally cunning sister advised her to stay strong and stick to him.

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