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Bandhay Ek Dour Se Ep-7 Review: Dadi decides for Maheen and Omar’s Nikkah

Omar and Maheen's nikkah preparations going without informing them properly

Bhanday Ek Dour Se Ep-7 ReviewIn this episode Dadi decides for Maheen and Omar's Nikkah - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

7th Sky Entertainment’s production Bandhay Ek Dour Se is one of the refreshing drama serial airing at GEO Entertainment. Written by  Faiza Iftikhar and directed by Ali Faizan, the drama is an attempt at the comedy of errors, and is a delightful watch.

In the last episode, we have seen that Maheen’s greedy in-laws have demanded a car in the dowry and have postponed the Nikkah. Well, this episode comes with an interesting turn.

Everyone in the house is of the view that they should never agree to Maheen’s in-law’s greedy demand. Moonis is clearly saying that he is not in favor of this relationship as he never likes those people who were very greedy and he does not want to marry off her sister in that family. Well, Maheen’s mother thinks that if she will break this relationship it will badly affect Maheen’s life and reputation and no one will going to accept her.

Dadi comes up with a solution, she decides that Maheen’s mother should refuse those greedy people as she does not want to give her granddaughter to such mean people, she decides that Nikkah of Maheen will happen as planned but with Omar. Omar’s mother gets furious about hearing this decision but Omar’s father thinks that it is the best solution and he agrees on it. Omar’s father tries to convince his wife and moreover Omar’s bhabi is telling them that Omar already likes Maheen.

Umar is in love with Roshni who happens to be the neighbor of Umar’s aunt Zakia. But due to family rivalry, both families have a hostile relationship.

Maheen’s mother and Omar’s mother scene was so heart touching, it brought tears in my eyes how helpless a girl’s mother is in such a situation. Well, Omar gets the breaking news about his Nikkah which is shortly going to happen with Maheen! He tries to stop but then he hears his chachi’s heart touching words to his mother and then his mother also gets emotional and then Moonis hugs her tightly in gratitude. Omar fails to refuse the nikkah in front of his family.

Well everyone in the family is happy about this nikkah except Omar. One of the most absurd and weird things is that even the bride is not properly informed about the Nikkah. Bhabi is so deadly sure that Maheen and Omar love each other that she wants to surprise her but when Maheen comes to know that her nikkah is about to happen with Omar she gets shocked.


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