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Bikharay Moti Episode-4 Review: Aiza seems helpless to protect Faiza’s kids

Zulfi and his brother are so cruel with Janu


Bikaray Moti airing at ARY Digital revolves around children’s rights and how people conveniently violate them in our society. Children are badly beaten, abused by their own families and they force their little ones to work and earn money. Neelum Muneer, Yasir Nawaz, Naz Farooqui, and others, particularly the child star playing the role of Janu has given a remarkable performance in this series.

The episode begins when Zulfi and his brother bring children back and Aiza feels so helpless in protecting the kids as her own father is not ready to keep his grandchildren. She is trying hard to get their custody and for that she meets a lawyer along with Ahad who clearly tells her that there is no hope in this case as he is their legal father plus she is single and jobless so there is no ground for her as well to claim her nephews and niece custody.


Aiza makes her mind that she will drop her studies and look for a job but luckily her teacher helps her to find a job along with her studies. Well, on the other hand, Zulfi’s brother is being very clever he suggests his mother that Aiza is the best option for Zulfi to remarry as he has seen that she is very concern about the kids, he lays stress on the fact that no one can take the best care of the kids like her and she is the best option for Zulfi as she is educated and can earn well. The disturbing fact is that Zulfi is being happy at hearing this idea of him marrying Aiza.


Ahad on the other hand is helping Aiza at every step, he is with her all the time and he even drops his audition chance just because he wants to be with Aiza. He tells her that she cannot do anything for the kids as Zulfi is their father and we are trapped in this vicious circle of our society, the way they treat children and make them work. Aiza shares her disappointment over not fulfilling her sister’s promise on which he says that he will help her in keeping her promise.


The way Zulfi’s brother beats Janu is so heart wrenching and her sister is helplessly watching her brother beating him. Zulfi is not less than his brother he locks him up in the room for the whole night without any food! how can be a father so cruel? Zulfi’s brother takes Janu with him to Hyderabad the very next day. On the same day, Aiza comes to see the kids. Will Aiza be able to save Janu from his uncle’s brutality? Will she ever be able to protect Faiza’s kids as she promised?

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