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Bikhray Moti Episode- 23 Review: A Satisfying Episode

Bikhray Moti the issue-based drama serial running at ARY Digital is down with 23 episodes, this episode in particular is a satisfying watch, unlike its previous heavy episodes which need a big heart and courage to watch. This episode is giving us the last episode kind of feels as some major issues get resolved in this episode. Performances are on point.

Janu’s abuser has been captured by the Police and thankfully Janu’s continuous abusing and threatening comes to an end. It is one of the most powerful and heart touching scene where Zulfi is asking his son that now he is not afraid of anything. Janu tells him that his cousin Sunny is not afraid of anything because he has his father’s back but when he tries to tell his Taya about his abuser he used to ignore him. Zulfi is so heartbroken he tells Janu that he is not his Taya and now we have no relations with him.

Shezaadi gets a head injury but she is saved. Aiza tells Zulfi that Ghulam has crossed his limits, he must be reported. Police arrests Ghulam and the way his wife is cursing him and telling him that he deserves all this is so satisfying. Eventually, Shehzaadi gets the divorce. Aiza tells Shehzaadi by handing her the papers that Ghulam has divorced her and now she does not have to fear for anything as now she has no relation with him.

It is so satisfying to see these kids finally get over with all that torture. Poor Janu and Shehzaadi deserve much better. Ahad is still not over with Aiza but it seems that Aiza has sacrificed her love for her duties and the promise she has made with her sister. Aiza’s father goes to take her wife back home but she refuses to go back with him. Aiza’s father for the very first time has met Aiza and he seeks her forgiveness.

Zulfi’s mother is having differences with her eldest son’s wife and she is too mean. Zulfi’s mother has made his decision that her mother should live with Zulfi, he tells his mother that he is preferring her son’s mother over his mother as his son needs his mother and her love. He says that he cannot deprive her son of his mother’s love so he has decided that he will send her back to Zulfi. He also taunts her for ill-treating Zulfi’s children and advice her to be little caring and loving towards them. It seems that this dialogue brings realization of sins to Zulfi’s mother and she is thinking about it all the way on the bus. Later it is shown that she died on the bus.

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