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Chauraha Episode-14 and 15 Review: Maya and Shireen gets homeless

Neighbors reaction seems quite dated

Chauraha Episode-14 and 15 ReviewChauraha Episode-14 and 15 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Chauraha the drama airing at Geo Entertainment is one of the strong serials in the running but these latest episodes turn out to be quite disappointing. The turn the story has taken leaves a very bad taste. Plus this whole portrayal of the neighborhood seems so typical and dated. In the previous episodes, Junaid is finding a way to redeem himself. In this episode, he eventually presents himself to Police confessing his crime and demanding to punish him accordingly.

Junaid is now fully redeemed as he finds a way to wash all his sins by punishing himself. He presents himself to Police confessing his sins and asking them to punish him accordingly. He in my view has completely redeemed himself by paying for his sins.

One thing is not making any sense is that Junaid is in lockup and it seems that some time has passed but no one at his place is worried that where he has gone to? Naila is also not worried that where his bro is? Naila’s character is not making any sense she was so involved with a guy and now all of sudden she is feeling extremely happy when Khala asks her hand for her son.

Chauraha storyline was going strong till these episodes, the so typical neighborhood reaction is so dated. Come on it’s the 21st century no one does that to any house throwing stones and intervening in a house as a mob is not something common in urban settings.  Why people are not shown in a positive light in our dramas. Arsal’s mother is such an annoying character so is Shireen’s landlord. His sons have attempted to rape Zoya but they start defaming Zoya by cussing her that she herself called them. The whole neighborhood goes against her except Molvi Sahab. Well, one wonders if that boy is Zoya’s landlord’s son then why she is such a fool that she slaps him. She has called herself for this reaction.

Arsal has himself heard Zoya screaming then why he is not telling the neighbors that the boys are lying he has heard her screams? Arsal’s vile mother gathers all neighbors when Saleem Sahab is visiting Shireen. She is asking him to find them a house as the landlord has given her two days’ notice. The neighbors start stoning and barge into the house throwing away Shireen’s belongings. Shireen and Zoya become homeless. Molvi Sahab once again suggested Shireen marry Saleem Sahab and she asks Zoya’s consent on this matter to which Zoya immediately agreed. What does it mean Zoya is going to be Junaid’s step-sister?


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