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Cheekh 9th Episode Review: Wajih continues to harass Mannat

Another thrilling episode of drama serial Cheekh went on air and it seemed like the story is now getting a 0bit dragged as there was no such major development in the play. We saw that Mannat is all set to leave for America as her husband is calling her there, otherwise the episode had nothing much to offer .

The episode began with the police trying to harass Nayab’s father. The corrupt Police Officer who has received a hefty amount of bribe from Wajih is now working for him. He tried to scare him off but Nayab’s father is committed that he wouldn’t back off.  Wajih is trying all his might and everything is just working in his favor for now.


Baray Bhaiya is fully supporting his brother in all Wajih’s criminal activities instead of taking any action against him. He continuously takes Wajih’s side be it saving him from Nayab’s father’s curses or be it in his family. Bhaiya sides with Wajih rather than Mannat. Well Baray Bahiya is shocked to learn that Waji has openly confessed his crime to Mannat and that he is scaring her to keep her mouth shut. Baray Bhaiya forbids Wajih that Mannat is their family, he cannot treat her like that and further instructs him that not to hide anything from him.


Wajih is being an absolute devil, he is still after Mannat and leaves no chance to harass her, where ever he finds her alone he tries to haunt her with a taunt or playing that video in front of her where the street boys are calling Nayab’s father names. Mannat is keeping her mouth shut but still she is being mentally tortured by him for no reason. It seems like Waji is a compulsive sadist who takes great pleasure in torturing others. Mannat discusses her discomfort for Wajih to her husband who then calls her to America and apparently Mannat is left with no other choice to avoid Wajih’s continuous harassment.


Baray Bhaiya again calls the Police Officer and agrees to further bribe him if he will make Poor Nayab’s father quiet and will try to cash his wife’s greed. Mannat has seen the police officer coming out of the house but apparently she is busy in her preparations for leaving to America. However, her heart still aches for Nayab and she wants justice for her dead friend.

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