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Cheekh Episode 11 Review: Wajih & Baray Bhaiya are vilifying Mannat’s character

Wajih vows to take revenge from Mannat for his insult


This week treated us with the 11th episode of Cheekh and to be honest, this one gave us goosebumps. Wajih is once remorseless human being. Even after committing such a heinous crime, he is more focused on saving himself and getting the best revenge out of Mannat, who has herself vowed to destroy him.

It is such a treat to watch such amazing artists giving amazing performances in Cheekh. Saba Qamar is superb and Bilal Abbas is ruthless. Even Aijaz Aslam gives off the bad vibes in tune with his character, making you hate him as much as you hate Wajih. A brilliant plot by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and direction from Badar Mehmood, Cheekh is definitely something to look forward to.

The episode begins with Wajih having his life’s worst experience in the lockup, he is being humiliated by police on duty, even by the one he bribed. Wajih is now resolute that he will take his revenge from Mannat but in his own style since he gets the bail.


Here, when Wajih reaches home, his expressions are enough to convey his hatred to Mannat. Bilal Abbas has definitely come a long way form Rasm e Duniya. In Cheekh, he’s intense and conveys each bit of emotions from his expressions. Simply superb.

However, the way Mannat crosses her horns with him, facing him eye to eye with an entirely different body language seems like she is ready to begin the war! There is a confidence in her eyes that she lacked before. Her fears of loosing home and family have vanished and she’s ready to take on the world for Nayaab.


Well it seems like things are getting even more worse for Mannat as Haya’s fiance breaks his engagement and it makes Baray Bhaiya even more furious. It is shown that Haya’s love interest and fiance is way more sensible than her. He visits Nayab’s poor father’s home and comes to a conclusion that he cannot keep any relationship with a family  involved in such heinous practices and are brutal from the core. He clearly tells Haya the reason for breaking their relationship is Wajih, as he does not want to make any relationship with such kind of person.


Wajih is now revealing his true ugliness He tries to vilify Mannat’s character in front of all by saying that Mannat has an interest in him and since he didn’t reciprocate, she is doing everything to destroy him. Later we see Shayan arriving from America and he before meeting Mannat, talks with Baray Bhaiya and Wajih. Here, he is misled about his wife having an affair. Will Shayan believe everyone else and leave Mannat to fight alone, or will he stand by her?

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