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Daasi Episode-18 Review: Shahabuddin is plotting against Sunheri

Aahil and Irma are getting close!

Daasi Episode-18 ReviewIn this episode Shahabuddin is plotting against Sunheri - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Daasi the drama serial running on HUM TV is one engaging play, penned down by Ishq Tamasha famed writer Misbah Nousheen. The story of the play revolves around Sunheri and her struggles. Mawra Hocane has very beautifully played the role of Sunheri and she is sharing the screen opposite Adeel Hussain.

The episode begins when there is a heated exchange of taunts between Tauqeer and Aahil, there is so much bitterness between them but still one wonders why Aahil is giving so much importance to Irma she is also the niece of Touqeer and he has sort of planted her. It clearly seems like she is not going slow and she is too fast in getting Aahil’s attention while Aahil should have been a bit more careful and keeping that in mind that she is Touqeer’s niece while getting so close to her.


Sunheri has got a job in the boutique and she is bit settled but Sahabuddin is hovering over her like a ghost and it seems like he is not going to spare her. He by trick asks her that will she marry the guy her mother will suggest? Sunheri has said that yes she is going to marry the guy her mother will suggest to her but she is never going to marry him.


Aaliya is now tasting her own medicine as Aadil is not slowing down in punishing her for what she has done to him, Aadil is making her life hell. Irma on the other side is very conveniently intervening in Aahil’s personal space, on which he loses his cool. Aahil shouts at her when she asks him about Sunheri. She creates a lot of fuss of it and it is clearly Irma’s mistake but then Aahil agrees that he will apologize why cannot he sees that he is getting close to Tauqeer’s niece!


Shahabuddin is a very evil person, he is after Sunheri and now he is plotting against her. He very tactfully asks her mother about Sunheri’s wedding plans and he bribes the Rishta aunty with a handsome amount of money and now he uses all his connections against her. He has somehow being successful in brainwashing Sunheri’s mother against her. He is trying to trap Sunheri and her mother and apparently it seems Sunheri is going to be in trouble as Shahabuddin seems to be a very cunning person who can manipulate people and situation according to his own benefits. Sunheri seems helpless in this condition.

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