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Daasi Episode-24 Review: Sunheri gets badly trapped once again by Shahabuddin

Sunheri's mother dies, taking promise from Aahil to take care of Sunheri

Daasi Episode-24 ReviewIn this episode Sunheri gets badly trapped once again by Shahabuddin - OyeYeah News

Daasi one of the most engaging drama serial running on HUM TV, the plot is well set by Misbah Nousheen. Daasi’s story is getting more and more depressing as the episodes proceeds. Sunheri’s life is getting more difficult when her mother dies. Adeel Hussain and Mawra Hocane’s brilliant performances and onscreen chemistry is so on spot.

Sunheri’s life gets more upside down when her mother dies, before her death she calls Aahil and Sunheri at her death bed and she tells Sunheri to stay away from Shahabuddin and also takes promise from Aahil to take care of Sunheri. Aahil promises that he will take care of Sunheri and he is resolute that he will never leave Sunheri alone but little he knows that it is not as simple as it seems.

Touqeer is blackmailing Aahil’s mother to force Aahil for engagement with Irma otherwise he will going to divide his business and as they are already on the verge of bankruptcy. Aahil’s mother creates a scene where she is not feeling well and Irma takes care of her and later she tries to cash this situation into her favor by emotionally blackmailing Aahil and eventually she makes him agree to marry Irma.

Aaliya’s hatred is not getting off, she is so vile that she does not even feel any sympathy towards her childhood friend, she has no feelings that her friend has lost her mother but all she does is taunting her in her traumatic phase too. Aadil, on the other hand, is too concerned about Sunheri, he is taking care of her like a brother. Aahil is also trying his best to keep up his promise but then he agrees to marry Irma. Aaliya is still resolute to ruin Sunheri and she is teaming against her and she is continuously in contact with Aahil’s mother.

Aaliya calls Shahabuddin and tells him that it is the best time to come and claim Sunheri. Shahabuddin is a real actor he creates a huge scene, mourning Bhabi jee death telling people that he has gone to Islamabad for Sunheri’s visa papers as Bhabi has planned Sunheri’s nikkah with her, and now what has happened Bhabi is no more. Shahabuddin is so brilliantly carrying this mourning drama that poor Sunheri is feeling extremely helpless in front of all. It seems that Sunheri is once again badly trapped by Shahabuddin. Is Aahil going to save her? we have to wait for the next episode to find that out!

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