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Daasi Episode-8 Review: Aahil has Daasi’s unconditional support

Mujtaba comes to know about his workers reality

Daasi Episode-8 Review

Daasi the drama serial on Hum TV revolves around two main characters Sunheri and Aahil, the play is becoming intense as the story proceeds. Mishab Nousheen of Ishq Tamasha’s fame has beautifully penned down this play. Adeel Hussain and Mawra Hocane’s onscreen chemistry is so awesome and they both are carrying their role with much perfection.

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The episode begins when Aahil comes home wounded and Sunheri is trying to heal his wounds. She also tells Aahil that she likes taking care of him and also she said that she can take care of him forever. It says volumes about their relationship and about Sunheri’s feelings for Aahil. Aahil is in trouble as he has to prove his innocence first in front of Mujtaba as he accused him of doing fraud.


Mujtaba is really mad over Suheri’s refusal of his proposal. He thinks that Suheri is having an affair with Aahil, he tries to confirm this from Aliya but Aliya clearly says that Aahil is not Sunheri’s type. Mujtaba wonders that what is her type on which Aliya says that she has no idea about it. However Mujtaba’s inquiry about Aahil and Suheri has put Aliya in a confusion, she is wondering why his brother is naming Sunheri with Aahil what is the matter?


Mujtaba is really feeling jealous about Aahil and on top of that Sunheri comes at his house taking Aahil’s side and snubbing him for deliberating hurting Aahil just to take his revenge. Mujtaba says why she is so sure that Aahil is innocent and he has not done anything on which Sunheri says that if he has done the cheating then he should have been run away by now, he would have not been here proving his innocence this logic has hit Mujtaba’s head and it is making sense too. Mujtaba sneaks into his factory quietly where he sees his worker doing fraud in his daily accounts. He has seen that with his own eyes and Aahil’s innocence is evident but still the arrogant Mujataba has no heart to apologize to him.


Aadil visits Mujtaba’s house to fix their TV where he comes across Aliya but she very rudely and coldly behaves with him. Mujtaba inquires about Aadil’s job and then suggest him to get married, he is kind of giving a hint that he is interested in Aadil for Aliya. Stupid Aadil instead of talking about his and Aliya’s proposal, talks about Aahil on which Mujtaba arrogantly says that he wants Aahil to apologize to him on his conduct instead of realizing his own mistake he is boosting his fake ego.

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