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Deewar e Shab – Episode 12 Review: Khayyam coincidentally meets his father

The play Deewaar-e-Shab is based on a novel written by Aliya Bukhari which revolves around the story of a courtesan Sitara Jahan. Veteran actress Bushra Ansari has brilliantly portrayed the role of courtesan Sitara Jahan and Asama Abbas shines bright in the negative character. Sheroze Subzwari is also impressively playing the role of arrogant Khayyam.

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Gaiti Ara is still trying to absorb the fact that Khayyam has left her, she is shattered but still keeps some hope in her heart, she goes to his room and where she finds Khayyam’s documents and certificates which makes her super happy and excited; as she knows that Khayyam will return any time soon to get them and she will get a chance to meet him. However, her mother’s harsh remarks about Khayyam has broken her again.


Zobia has now started to show her real colors to Salman, she demands 20 lacs from him for her wedding shopping, and Salman starts demanding it from his parents and Izhaar being a corrupt person arranges such a great amount of money in very a short period of time.

Well, one wonders by which means a clerk is able to arrange such a huge amount of money? and Joya is the only person in their house who asks these questions to her mother? But no one actually cares,  they are happy that money is arranged and now Salman is going to marry Zobia and will eventually own her entire property. After all this, we also come to know that Zobia is not Yousuf’s real daughter.


Joya is heartbroken as she overheard her chachi’s conversation with her chacha, her Chachi clearly said that she does not want Joya to become her daughter in law and she doesn’t want to make any kind of relation with that family.

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Joya is shattered after hearing all this, and all her hopes to marry Maaz come to an end and now she has started avoiding Maaz, as she has now given up after realizing that their relationship has no future. However Joya is not giving any reason to Maaz that why she has started avoiding her and why she has given up on him.


Khayyam realizes that he has left his documents and certificates at home, and the very thought of getting them back irritates him. He coincidentally meets his father on a street in fact he saves his life and there he finds that the man drops his envelope which has some cash and important cards and papers.

Khayyam goes on the address provided on the card to returns it to him not knowing that he is his own father but when he tells him his name Khayyam, a bell rings in his father’s mind and Khayyam also reminds him of someone as his face resembles with Feroza. He wishes that he will meet this boy again but Khayyam is one arrogant soul who does not care for anyone.

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