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Deewar-e-Shab Episode-20 Review: Salaar gets to know about Gaitee and Khayyam

With interesting characters and a gripping story line, Deewar e Shab becomes one of our must-watch Prime time serials. Based on Aliya Bukhari’s novel Deewar e Shab is a story that revolves around the life and struggles of the courtesan Sitara Jahan and his family. Bushra Ansari is outdoing her role as Sitara Jahan. Shehzad Shaikh, Shehroze Khan, Sara Khan, Kinza Hashmi, and Osama Tahir have also come up with amazing performances.

Joya is being presented in front of the guests as a showpiece, she has not uttered a single word nor she smiles even for a single moment. It is very much evident from seeing Joya that she is not happy and not interested but still the guests approve her and her engagement is fixed. Joya is so disturbed that she fell ill for days and when she comes to know that her engagement is fixed she simply refuses to accept this proposal.


Nagina is more than happy to see her daughter graduated, she tries to show off that in front of Dildaar walay. She sees Salaar Jung gift very expensive bangles to Gaitee and it makes her super happy. She is curious to know more about Salaar. Well on the other hand Gaitee’s heart is also melting for Salaar. Khayyam is in real difficult situation Babu Bhai’s niece wants him to elope with her and she is now threatening her that she will defame him that he is trying to rape if he will not listen to her.


Izhar Sahab is in real trouble as inquiry is being set in his office and he knows that if inquiry started he will get in a big problem. He is loosing his cool by shouting his lungs out on his wife and daughter. Salman has also clearly refused that he cannot help him, he cannot ask for help from his father in law. On the other hand ,Zubia’s mother is supporting Salman but she is wondering what kind of inlaws Zubia have? Yousuf Kamal has simply refused to help Salman on which Zubia’s mother is ba it angry on which Yousuf reminds him that she is not othe nly heir of the property he also have a son. He has never forgotten Khayyam.


Salaar’s director friend encourages him to express his feelings to Gaitee or it will be too late. Salaar says that she will go to Gaitee Ara’s house tomorrow and will going to confess his feelings for her. He goes there at the next day and Shaama escorts her to a room where Gaitee is. Gaitee is at the time in a very sad moments with tears in her eyes she is talking with one of Khayyam’s picture. Salaar sees Gaitee talking with Khayyam’s picture and it is a sudden realization heartbreaking one for him as well.

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