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Dil Mom Ka Diya Last Episode Review: Overwhelming!

This world is a reaping ground for what you sow

dil mom ka diyadil mom ka diya

And so, the overwhelming story of Ulfat, Afzal, Azhar and Tamkinat was brought to a close this Tuesday. We have to give it to the writer Saira Rizwan to have penned down such a moving story that it not only intrigued but inspired the audience to learn something of value from it. Shahid Shafaat’s direction was top notch, extracting amazing performances from each and every one of his cast members, in short Dil Mom Ka Diya was simply superb. A drama, worth watching if you wanted to get a lesson and also enjoy what was going on the screen as well.

So what happened in the last episode?

Ulfat, who after marrying Tipu, realized that not all men were like Afzal, had been regretting her decision. Fast forward a few years and we see Tipu struggling with cancer and no money to afford his treatment. Ulfat is left to ask for help from his friends but in vain. People are more interested in her beauty than to offer her money. This is where Ulfat realizes how unfortunate she had been to destroy her own home with her two hands. She craved beauty but being married to a good looking man only destroyed her life. She is sick and tired of Tipu’s disease but cannot help it.

This is where Afzal comes in her mind and she decides to ask him (albeit anonymously) for some financial help. Akmal also recognizes her despite in niqab and has a softening in his heart watching her pathetic condition. Afzal, who perhaps still loved Ulfat in his heart, is heart broken.


The scenes between Neelam Muneer Khan and Yasir Nawaz were simply heart wrenching. Both these actors delivered spot on performances, making you hold your tears back with a huge lump in your throat. Afzal still had feelings for Ulfat and it showed clearly on his face.

On the other hand, Azhar, who goes to ask Tamkinat’s forgivness is put through some hard tests. Tamkinat doesn’t want to forgive him, reminding him of the moments she begged him not to leave her because of Ulfat. We felt Tamkinat was right in her decision to punish Azhar because she did not deserve to be judged on the basis of her cousin sister. However, the duo fall back together because of the immense love they have for each other.


Even Imran Ashraf and Hira Mani delivered impeccable performances as Azhar and Tamkinat, nailing expressions and dialogues.

So, all in all, an overwhelming story, Dil Mom Ka Diya brought about some beautiful lessons for life. It showed how vanity could result in emptiness and that this world was a reaping ground for what you sowed.


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