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Dilruba Episode-10 Review: It seems like Sanam is paying the price of her sins

Before dying Razi tells Sabhi not to believe Sanam ever

Dilruba Episode-10 ReviewIn this episode It seems like Sanam is paying the price of her sins - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Dilruba the drama serial running at HUM TV is one of the most popular series in the running with its unique and bold storyline. The fast-paced story has now taken a very tragic turn it seems that Sanam is paying the price of her sins. We will certainly miss Nabeel in this play. Mohib Mirza, Nabeel, and Hania Aamir performances were great in this episode.

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The episode begins when Razi is in a very critical stage at the hospital and he is battling between life and death when he sees Sabih and Sanam. Razi points at Sanam and says” Bhai Sanam ka kabhi bharosa nahi karna” and dies right after it. Well, this speaks volumes about Sanam and Razi relationship. Sabhi has fully understood that Sanam has somehow hurt Razi in a similar way she has hurt him. Sabhi pain is real!


Sanam’s mother and sister recall Junaid’s mother’s ill wishes for Sanam and they have realized that it has come true. Her mother has made her realize that she has made many mistakes. Well, one thing seems weird the way Sanam’s brother is insisting Sabhi to marry Sanam but he refuses this offer as he clearly knows Sanam’s nature. Well, the way Sanam’s brother has been insisting seems a bit awkward. Sabhi clearly refuses and tells him to take Sanam back to his house. Well one wonders is it there any concept of Iddat how can her brother so conveniently talks about his nikkah after few days of her husband’s death.


Sanam is really grieved, she has partially understood that it was she who has become the reason of Razi’s death. She never understands love, she even tried to flirt with her husband and she was never honest in sharing her feelings in fact she used to lie. Junaid is getting back to his life he is going to study abroad when Sanam’s friend calls him and tells him about Sanam’s husband’s death. Well, one wonders what kind of girl Sanam’s friend is? why she is not sparing Junaid and why they think that it is her right to inform him about Sanam’s updates? Pathetic! Well, no wonder it is the same girl who tells Sanam that flirting is her birthright.


Junaid unlike her mother is genuinely sad to hear about Sanam’s husband’s death. He calls Sanam for condolence but she behaves very rudely with him and tells him not to call her again. Ayaz also gets the news and he calls her as well on which Sanam madly reacts and that conversation was heard by Sabhi he gets to know some more insights. Well, Sanam is back to her parents’ house where she is taken well care of by her sister and mother. The episode ends when Sanam is feeling nausea and her mother is wondering that is she pregnant?

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