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Dilruba Episode-13 Review: Sanam’s life seems to be really messed up!

Sanam marries Khuraam who himself is divorced twice

Dilruba Episode-13 ReviewIn this episode Sanam's life seems to be really messed up - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Dilruba the drama serial dealing with a bold storyline is one of the most popular serials at HUM TV. Hania Aamir has literally nailed her character with an incredible performance and we can see her transformation from a flamboyant girl to a serious-minded mother. Jibran Syed’s performance as a bad boy is quite impressive too.

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Sanam has serious thoughts about Sabih but her family hastily fixes her marriage with Khurram and Erum breaks Sanam’s nikkah news to Sabih who was thinking to propose her. However it seems that Erum herself is now not interested in Sanam and Khurram’s marriage, it seems that she along with her mother is blinded with Khurram’s wealth.


Sanam is remarried, she has left with no choice but to marry Khurram. On her wedding night, she is getting memories of Razi praising her on their wedding night. Apparently, Khurram seems to be a nice person too who is praising her and also he wins her heart by saying that she can keep his son with her but he tells her to make sure that her son will never intervene in their relationship. Sanam is more than happy to know that, she is also getting swayed to see Khurram’s luxurious house. Well, Sanam tells Khurram the next day that she wants to meet her child, Khurram says that she can take the diver and meet her child but he does not want him here, she can bring him after their honeymoon.


Sanam’s heart is torn between her child and part of her also wanted to start a new life. Well, Sanam gets shocked when she comes to know that she is Khurram’s father’s choice not his, and also she came to know about Khurram’s two divorces. He has lied by telling about his one divorce only. Sanam also gets to know that Khurram is a characterless man and the motive behind his father for his marriage is to bring him back on track. Sanam comes to his parents’ house and rightly blames her mother and sister for ruining her life. She is really shattered, she feels like she is being cursed for breaking Juniad’s heart. She wants to apologize to him but his phone is not working.


Khurram has a girlfriend too whom he wants to marry but his father did not approve of her as his daughter in law. Khurram’s father makes a solution for his strayed son, he names the house property after Sanam with the condition that if Sanam herself asks for divorce she will lose this property but if Khurram will divorce her he is going to lose his house. Well, it seems that Sanam has got some power but what can one do with such power when one has a characterless disloyal husband and it seems that he is not going to accept Ayan too. Razi’s mother is extremely upset over Sanam abandoning her child and her heart bleeds for her grandson.

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