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Dilruba Episode-7 Review: Sanam has made Razi fallen in love with her

Ayaz gets hired at Sanam's Valima as a photographer

Dilruba Episode-7 ReviewIn this episode Sanam has made Razi fallen in love with her - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Another episode of Dilruba aired at HUM TV, the story has shown some progress but still, there are loopholes in the plot. Everything happened so fast and Sanam’s love game turns upside down and now her sole focus is flirting with her own husband, she is so habitual of expressing fake love that she is even lying to Razi that it was him who she fancied all her life.

Well everyone should have a heart like Razi who gets set so easily I mean is it making any sense that how conveniently he fell in love with Zoya but then now since he has called off his wedding he is not just accepting to marry Sanam, but he instantly fell in love with her and he has no feelings at all for Zoya the girl he was about to marry. Sanam has started playing her love game with her husband as well, by lying that he used to be her ideal and it is he who she fancied all her life.


Poor Sabih certainly does not deserve this in his life,  is being a gem of a person, he does not deserve to be treated like this. He cannot stand this awkward situation anymore and he flies back to London without even attending Valima. Well at the Valima ceremony Sanam is shocked to see Ayaz as their photographer and Ayaz is more than ever shocked to see her as a bride! His girlfriend is now someone’s wife and he cannot stand this, he is surely not going to spare Sanam. Sanam is deep inside terrified to see Ayaz and she is fearing that he might create any trouble for her.


There is a scene where Zoya calls Razi and Sanam picks up the call and imparts the news of Razi marrying her and warns her not to call him again is so heartbreaking. We really feel bad for poor Zoya who is suffering just because of her mother’s ego. The way Sanam is possessing him is natural but when Razi shows his possessiveness she gets bit alarmed and uncomfortable. Poor Razi has no idea that his wife’s so-called love has been shared by so many boys. In fact, Sanam has no idea what actually love is. It is flirting which she knows and she is trying to flirt with her own husband too.


Junaid’s dumbness is again making no sense and how his mother goes at Sanam’s place for his proposal but then when her mother shares the news about her marriage she starts cursing Sanam and ill-wishing her. Sanam’s sister Erum for the very first time shares her concerns with her mother about Sanam’s future, she shares with her mother that Sanam used to flirt with guys, she gets expensive gifts. Well, being an elder sister she should have shared her concerns much before with her mother rather than now when the damage has already done. It seems that Sanam is surely going to pay a hefty price.

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