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Do Bol Episode 25 & 26 Review: How will it end for Gaiti?

So Do Bol is nearing its closure and we’re enjoying what we’re being offered in the drama. Gaiti and Badar’s story has come at a standstill with a seed of doubt now being sown in Badar’s heart by his cousin, Jamshed. However, we’re still eager to find out whether Badar’s love will overpower his doubts and whether he will bring back Gaiti from her father’s place or not?


Do Bol, over the weeks, has been an entertaining ride. The drama is engaging owing to its interesting storyline that brings across a story of two people forced to live together and then life throwing their turns at them.

This week we saw Badar bring Gaiti to meet her family and Iqbal accepting his daughter with open arms. Nafeesa has a vital part to play in Iqbal’s change in attitude and it was good to see Gaiti being welcomed in her family home. Also the way she answered Zafar, upon his inquiry about being back in the house, was spot on. Serves Zafar right for still having the nerve of questioning Gaiti when he himself has zero respect left.

On the other hand, it seems, Sameer cannot and has not moved on from Gaiti. He still loves her, despite of her telling him straight. But Sameer on the whole appears like a confused person, who doesn’t know himself what he wants from his life, grown up child, who whines for the love he’s lost and blames people for the fact.

What was disheartening to see was how Gaiti, who has love blooming in her heart for Badar, got ready for him when he got home with her father. Badar didn’t react upon seeing Gaiti welcome him home and this left her confused. Now we’re waiting to see how will the seeds of doubts sown will affect Badar’s judgement and his love for Gaiti. Will it win or will he lose out in this war of emotions?


Hira Mani and Mehmood Aslam were the star of the show. Affan Waheed as Badar has been a sturdy character, delivering what is required of Badar with perfect ease. For now, we’re eagerly waiting for tonight’s episode to see how it ends for all.

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