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Do Bol Episodes 17 & 18 Review: What does Gaiti’s reluctance mean?

Do Bol is one of the most interesting and rather a favorite drama serial these days. Despite airing on two consecutive days the play has not lost its charm but in fact the audience is loving how they get to see more of it two days in a row. 

So what happened in yesterday’s episode? Here’s your review,

Jahan Ara is shocked to learn that Iqbal can be that heartless and cruel enough to marry off his only daughter with his servant. The thought of Gaiti marrying Badar disgusts her. She does not want Gaiti to keep any relation with Badar or his family. Badar on the other side gets the biggest shock of his life and his whole world turns upside down when he learns that Gaiti has left him and gone with her mother.


Badar goes to meet Gaiti at Jahan Ara’s place but Jahan Ara clearly tells him that Gaiti does not want to keep any relation with him and also that he will soon sent divorce papers. Badar is not convinced on what Jahan Ara said. He wants to talk to Gaiti but Jahan Ara is not letting Badar meet her.


On the other hand, Gaiti is deeply hurt by Nafees’s attitude, she immediately wants to go back to Badar but Jahan Ara is not letting her do that. In fact she is insisting that Gaiti should sign on the divorce papers and has arranged a lawyer too but Gaiti is reluctant to sign on those papers as she is recalling all those moments she has spent with Badar. It seems like she has developed certain feelings for Badar and she is now not ready to think about separation from him.


Iqbal has also realized that Zafar is not doing well at the office and the factory. He also senses that something fishy is going on. He visits Jameel sahab the old employee whom Zafar has fired and accused of fraud at the hospital. He hires him back and offers him help. On a chance meeting with Badar, Iqbal enquires about Gaiti and is surprised to learn that she has gone back to her mother. This is where he realizes that he might have wronged his daughter.

In Gaiti’s world, she attends a function only to find Sameer being engaged and is shocked. Will this chance meeting open new avenues for Gaiti? What is yet to come? We cannot wait to find out.

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