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Dobara Episode-2 Review: Our heart goes out for Mahir

Mehrunnisa is moving on from the state of grief

Dobara Episode-2 ReviewDobara Episode-2 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

HUM TV’s newly started drama serial Dobara is two episodes down and we are still in awe of its unique narrative. Performances are brilliant and so is the direction, simply flawless. In the previous episode, we have seen that Mehrunnissa (Hadiqa Kiani) a fresh widow is unable to mourn her husband’s death.  In the latest episode, we find Mehrunnissa is trying to move out of her grief.

Mehrunnisa is unable to grieve her husband’s death in fact she wants to move on as soon as possible we have seen that her past is not very pleasant and so is the way in which she gets married at a very tender age, she has an age difference of 20 years with her husband. She wanted to study further, wanted to play tennis, and learn driving but Hidayatullah (Naumant Ejaz) crushes all her dreams and now she feels hard to mourn his death. She feels liberated.

Our heart goes out for poor Mahir(Bilal Abbas). The way his real biological mother has insulted and cursed him is so inappropriate any sensitive soul can commit suicide on this emotional abuse but it is Mahir he is stubborn enough to face all this but it seems that he is heartbroken, he has tears in his eyes when his own mother wishes him to be dead. Our heart goes out for him.

Hidayatullah ‘s lawyer comes right after the funeral when Sahir and her mother are also present in front of all the lawyer recites Hidayatullah’s will in which he has named all his property money and business after his wife Mehrunnisa. Hidayatullah’s sister (Sakina Samoo) is eyeing the business she has all the intentions to take over the business but Mehrunnisa asks her son-in-law Zamir to take care of the office and business. Despite Hidayatullah’s sister objections Zamir has to agree to it.

Mahir is a tennis coach and Mehrunnisa too wants to revive her tennis passion it seems that they both will meet at the tennis court. Mahir’s current situation is very bad, his stepmother is not even ready to share food with him. She locks up her fridge and creates lots of drama when she sees Mahir on the dining table. Mahir’s love interest Naveen is pressurizing him to bring his parents to her home for her proposal. We are wondering how will Mahir be able to convince his parents of his jobless status for his marriage?

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