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Dour Episode 16-17 Review: Mrs. Etheshaam is not happy with Asma’s pregnancy

Adil adding fun and care in Yasmin's daughter's life

Dour Episode 16-17 ReviewDour Episode 16-17 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Dour the 7th Sky Entertainment production is one of the most intriguing drama serials but at some points, the play gets over the top. However there are solid performances be it, Sania Saeed, Azfar Ali Rehman, or Hina Altaf all has given their best. We have seen how Mrs. Etheshaam has created difficulties for Asma and in the latest set of episodes we come to know that Asma is expecting but Mrs. Etheshaam is not happy with this news.

It is shown that differences have been created between Asma and Romaan since the day Rehmat baba was wrongly accused. Romaan is being unnecessarily rude with Asma. Moreover, Asma herself chooses to jump from the frying pan into the fire. She declines the gift of honeymoon tickets Mrs. Etheshaam is giving her well one wonders why she did that she says she will take care of Abhaan.

Abhaan is being really creepy. He is harassing poor Asma like hell. Asma is a real fool to choose him over her honeymoon. Why don’t Asma complains about Abhaan harassing her husband but will he believe her? Romaan’s character is not making any sense he is being unreasonably rude to her. Romaan’s rudeness is not going well with his image built by his character.

Adil is like an angel for Yasmin’s girls. Despite Choti Phupho’s unbearable yelling all the time Adil is always there to care for Yasmin’s girls. It seems that he will be an ideal father of these girls, unlike their real father who does not value their existence. The way Adil is creating fun and adding colors to these young girls’ lives it seems that it has melted Yasmin’s heart for him but there is a huge wall between them and that wall is Choti Phupho. Will Adil be able to convince his mother for marrying Yasmin?

Asma is expecting but I guess she is still not aware of the fact that she is pregnant. However, Mrs. Etheshaam is the one who reads the reports first and hides them. It seems that she is not happy about this news. Mrs. Etheshaam is cooking a very sinister game in her head, she asks Geeti to arrange for a Daaee. She clearly tells Geeti that she does not need any blessing and furthermore, she confirms to Abhaan that she is planning not to let this child come to this world. Will Asma be able to keep her child safe?

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