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Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 2: Things Are Looking Up to Good Now

The story might still be in infancy, but the actors showed a much improved version of themselves

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Ehd-e-Wafa episode 2 aired last night, and while it may have not spread like wildfire – courtesy last week’s disappointment – we do recommend you to tune it one more time. The story may still be in its infancy, but the actors did seem to do a better job as compared to last time.

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This time around, Brigadier Faraz was a miss as his family was nowhere to be seen – we are still looking for Vaneezah Ahmed’s debut in the serial. The girls Rani (Zara Noor Abbas) and Dua (Alizey Shah) also had a bare minimum appearance on screen. Rani surely impressed us with her dramatic and somewhat cunning acting, we look forward to seeing more of her.


On the other hand, boys Saad (Ahad Raza Mir), Shahzain (Osman Khalid Butt), Sheheryar (Ahmed Ali Akbar) and Shariq (Wahaj Ali) ruled the drama with both their acting and some punchy dialogues. Osman stood out of the lot as he gave us some hilarious dialogues to laugh over.


The story is still at a slow pace and given the nature of the drama, that is expected. It was good to see actors a little more absorbed in the character’s skin and as we still proceed to cheer for this drama, we do hope it does not disappoint again like its first episode.

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