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Fraud Episode-26 Review: Maya and Shirjeel’s encounter is what this episode is all about

Shaan is finally being nice with Maya

ARY Digital drama serial Fraud is now 26 episodes down and points the story seems to be quite dragged and stretched. I really don’t like the way where the story is heading now. In the previous episode, we have seen that Maya is finally married to Shaan. This episode is all about Maya and Shirjeel’s encounter.

Maya is being friendly with Zimmal, she is playing with her when she gets a minor injury. Well, Maya applies bandages but then her real mother has the audacity to create a lot of fuss. How can she blame her ex-husband to leave the child under the stepmother’s supervision? When she is the one who has left her daughter and married someone. Shaan is being super rude with Maya snubs her for being a stepmother.

The good thing about Maya is that although she is hurt by Shaan’s behavior she is not giving up on Zimmal. She continues to be friends with her. The combing of her hair and then putting lipstick on her insisting is such a cute scene. Shaan scolds Maya for putting lipstick on Zimmal’s lips. Zimmal later apologizes to Maya for getting scolded for her. She further says that she loves her and calls her mama.

Maya asks Shaan to take her to her parent’s place and also requests her to be nice to them. Well, surprisingly he is being too nice and cordial with her parents and also asks them about Maila. He further offers Maya to help Maila out as he is ready to take her to a psychiatrist. The way Zimmal is getting friendly with Maya’s parents is also very heart-touching. Well, Maya cannot fully enjoy this visit as she gets a shock before coming to the house.

Shaan before going to Maya’s parents’ place introduces her to Shirjeel. Maya’s world turn upside down she is shocked to see him at her house as Tooba’s husband. Sharjeel is also super shocked and upset to see her as he is fearing that she is going to ruin his set game. He starts talking ill about Maya in front of his wife and his mother-in-law and strangely both do not notice how weird it sounds how come he is passing so quick judgments about her? Well, I certainly don’t like where the drama is heading to! Sharjeel has to pay for his sins!

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