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Fraud Episode-28 Review: Maya gets to know about Shaan’s step mom’s reality

Maya's phupho passes away

ARY Digital drama serial Fraud is 28 episodes down the play could have been concluded by now. But story is sadly been dragged too much. In the previous episode we have enjoyed watching Shaan and Maya’s cute romantic banter. In this episode it is shown that Maya gets to know about Shaan’s step mother and sister’s reality.

Maya has gone for a day trip in business class to visit her ailing Phupho,as her condition is quite critical and doctors have given up. We have seen Nael confessing in front of Maya that he is paying for his sins. Despite of Maya’s response that she has forgiven him, he is of the view that he has to pay for his sins. Later after Maya’s return we get to know about Phupho’s death news. Is it really important to kill her in this story?

It is shown that little Zimmal has really missed Maya, despite of her mother’s negative feeding she still gets very much attached with Maya. All the time she is missing her and asking Shaan where has she gone? Poor girl is dreading that Maya might leave her the way her own mother has left her. She keep asking her father that has Maya left her too and gone to America? Our heart goes out for the poor girl.

Sharjeel is trying his best to vilify Maya’s character in front of Tooba, he is feeding her mind that she is too innocent to believe her. Maya is going too fast she has already won Shaan’s heart now she is all set to capture everything and eventually going to kick them out. Sharjeel is such a mean person that he does not even care to about his father’s treatment, he can easily arrange money from Tooba but it seems he doesn’t care. He thinks that because of their poverty he is absolve of all his sins.

Maya over hears Shaan’s step mother and Tooba’s conversation in the studio where they both were having a discussion about the money they tried to withdraw from Shaan’s office. Maya has for the very first time seen Shaan’s step mother’s real face. Shaan’s step mom tries to blackmail Maya in her own way not to tell anything to Shaan. Maya I think now has left with no excuse but to share her past honestly with Shaan. Why she is not telling Shaan about her past what is stopping her now? Since Sharjeel is in finance department she must tell Shaan about his reality as well.

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