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Ghamand Episode 13 Review: Does Shaheena not deserve a faithful husband?

It’s here! Ghamand is taking trending positions by storm and people have been quite impatient for this episode to come out. They’re losing their minds over the intensity of the story as the plot is becoming more and more captive. With such an outstanding cast and exciting story, Sadia Jabbar Productions has definitely won it this time again.

The episode starts with Haani getting ready for the engagement with Haroon. They both share rings amidst love and laughter, and everything goes just fine. Not a moment passed when Chandni came to them crying and seeking help because her mother was there to sell her to some Chaudhary. Shaheena, on the other hand, attended Chandni’s mother and offered her desired cash amount to sell Chandni to her. She accepted the offer and was told to never see Chandni again.


Maqsood and his mother were talking about his marriage. Why? Because she wanted a grandson! Anyways, Haroon showed severe marriage desperation over phone to Haani while Maqsood was still stuck at remarrying himself. Obviously, Shaheena wasn’t happy about it but Aapa was deep into Maqsood’s marriage. His mindset was to have a grasp on Shaheena’s possessions and so he was finding his way to her heart. For that, he helped her out of a land custody issue and came back to her for sympathy but he was kicked out of the room instead. Shaheena was mad because he preferred a Tawaaif over her.

Later, Shaheena cried because Wafa ke jawab mein wafa nhi mili while on the other side of the story, Maqsood was being insulted for not reacting on Shaheena’s bad behavior the other night. His mother kept pointing her finger at his manliness. Nevertheless, Haroon and his mother came to decide the date for Nikkah but Haani said that she doesn’t want it done yet and that Shaheena was going through a difficult phase of life so they must not hurry. She didn’t allow them to decide the date and walked away, leaving them astonished.

What Shaheena did that night to Maqsood was totally deserved. Although Haani was right that there must be some respect between husband and wife but still, what greedy Maqsood did wasn’t tolerable either. And now his mother was up to a remarriage which is killing Shaheena from the inside. We don’t think that Shaheena will let them take her husband away from her so easily. But, who knows, the story might unravel exciting twists in the upcoming episodes. We think Maqsood’s mother will lose the battle to Shaheena´s love, what´s your opinion? Till the next episode, we´ll have our fingers crossed for good.

Saman Siddiqui

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