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Hania Episode 6 Review: Junaid knows how to manipulate Hania best

Junaid is cashing Hania's fear of divorce


Domestic violence is an issue that needs to seriously get addressed and ARY dramas are just playing an incredible job in highlighting such an important yet tabooed subject and at least urging our audience to open their eyes The most common prevailing fact is that most of the victims do not speak up against the violence out of fear or just because they are being blackmailed. This phenomenon is very artfully depicted in Hania where Junaid Khan and Zoya Nasir play the lead. 

So what happened in this week’s episode?

The episode begins when Junaid starts blackmailing Hania to keep her mouth shut, he starts cashing her fear of divorce. He tells her that the only way out from this situation is divorce and how society will not going accept her if she is a divorcee. He also manipulates her referring to her parent’s adversaries and her sister’s future. Hania, who herself, has been raised in such a way, considers divorce a stigma and is therefore agreeing to whatever Junaid says.

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Hania’s father played by Wasim Abbas, has been shown to be a rather caring parent who values his child’s safety and happiness over the society. He asks his brother for help, following which Rohaan has agreed to be with him and solve the matter for him.


Upon Hania’s father’s arrival at her place, Junaid gets mad and he warns Hania that she will not open her mouth and pretend that she is happy. Hania enters in the drawing and says what she is told to say. She tells her father that everything is fine at her end and that she is happy with Junaid. However Rohaan notices that something is fishy. He has now sensed that Hania is going through something terrible as her expressions did not match her monologue at all. Even her father senses something off about his daughter.


Well it seems like Rohan has feelings for Hania. He really wants to help her out in this situation. Then there is a scene where Junaid is about to kill a person and Hania timely intervenes and saves him by stopping Junaid. Junaid scares her by saying that this happens to people who try and back away from him.

We saw Hania, coincidentally bumping into Rohaan at the mall, where Junaid has left her at a shop. Rohaan recognizes her and she asks him to make a call which he does. He has sensed that she is in a real mess but then Junaid finds Hania talking to him. We’re now left wondering what will Hania’s treatment be, after Junaid spotted her talking to Rohaan. Will he even spare her?

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