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Hum Kahana Kay Sachay Thay Ep-16 Review: Aswaad continues to be toxic

Aswaad refuses to give divorce to Mehreen

Hum Kahana Kay Sachay Thay Ep-16 ReviewHum Kahana Kay Sachay Thay Ep-16 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay the Weekend Watch on Hum TV is full of toxicity and depression. The play is getting dragged and more and more depressing. In the previous episode, it is shown that Mehreen goes to Tahir’s place to ask for forgiveness and he forgives her too. In this recent episode, Tahir takes back the case and he actually forgives Mehreen as he now knows the actual reason for his daughter’s death.

The episode begins when Mashal’s mother is arguing with her husband that why he has forgiven Mehreen? Tahir tells her that Mehreen has not killed Mashal, he is indirectly blaming his wife. Aswaad’s toxicity is not getting slow, he spares no chance to hound Mehreen with his verbal and mental tortures, and at places, he gets physically violent too.

Well amidst such toxicity we see a ray of human instinct too in Aswaad. When he shouts his lungs out at the kitchen and bangs on the wall due to which Mehreen drops the cup of tea and spills the hot tea on her hand he gets disturbed too. The kind and gentle Aswaad awakes for a while he simply does not want to hurt her physically but whatever he is doing is worst.

Mehreen still getting hallucinations of Mashal more often is quite a stretch and it seems a misuse of creative license. Are they showing that Mehreen’s mental state is getting worse and worse? The story overall has become dragged and tedious and of course, it is full of toxicity. Aswaad’s mother asks Aswaad to sign the divorce papers he refused to divorce Mehreen and says that if Mehreen signs these papers first he will sign them too. Mehreen also refuses to sign the divorce papers as she knows that Aswaad is never going to divorce her.

Mashal’s father takes back his case and he forgives Mehreen. Shabo is shown such a teli master that she breaks this news to Shagufta. Shagufta loses her cool on this she argues with her husband but he blames her for Mashal’s death. Shagufta blames her old mother in law and moreover, she goes to Suleha’s place and there she slaps hard on Aswaad’s face. Shugufta is blaming Aswaad too for Mashal’s death which is kind of making sense if he would have taken a stand for her she would have been alive. It seems that Mehreen’s trials and troubles are never-ending.

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