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Inkaar Episode 5 Review: Rehan Chaudhry is back to haunt Hajra

Rehan is persistent that he cannot live without Hajra


Drama serial Inkaar is carrying a very powerful message to its viewers. The importance of consent and how people need to understand when a refusal is given. A girl stalling does not mean she is consenting for something, nor does her silence automatically means a yes.  The protagonist of this play Hajra is a headstrong, straight forward girl who makes sure that her refusal is taken as one by the people and she isn’t afraid. The amazing play with its strong theme is incredibly penned down by veteran writer Zafar Miraj and brings about some amazing performances from Yumna Zaidi, Imran Ashraf and Sami Khan under the direction of Kashif Nisar.

So what happened this week?

The episode begins when Hajra in her liveliest mood shares with her father the news that she will rejoin the university. It has made her father extremely happy. She is super excited to join her university but her plans are ruined when she sees Rehan Chaudhry at her door. Yes he is back to haunt her.

Hajra gets extremely disturbed after seeing him and gets more annoyed when he meets her father. Rehan Chaudhry congratulates Hajra’s father on her engagement but does not judge his discomfort. Or perhaps Rehan Chaudhry hasn’t been made to see he makes others uncomfortable.


On the other hand Shayan is busy in preparation for his Civil Superior Services Examination and he is always at Hajra’s side. He takes her to the University where that cheap and lusty professor has now become the head of the department. It seems like he has not forgotten his insult and now it looks like it is not easy for Hajra to join the University again. Well Shayan also receives a bouquet of flowers by Rehan Chaudhry and disturbs him a lot.


Rehan begs Hajra to meet him in the cafe. Hajra does that as she wants to end this all at once. She clearly tells Rehan that he has no place in her life. Rehan tells that he has taken a stand for her, he has broken his childhood engagement and it has created so many differences in his family and now she cannot back off. Rehan looses his cool too in between and he starts shouting but Hajra has clearly told him that this is not her headache, she has clearly refused him and he should treat her No as a No! He even tries to blackmail her but she strongly stays on her point.


Well things at the university are getting as expected. The corrupt professor/ Head of the department tries to vilify Hajra’s character, taking his revenge. He further offers Hajra that if she wants he can consider her application. Hajra understands the hidden meaning behind his offer and all she can come up with is a big No! It seems rather disturbing that a girl should always struggle to keep her dignity intact and every time there are issues falling her way. However, Hajra is definitely not the one to bow down, so we wait to see how she tackles life.

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