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Inkaar Episode 8 Review: Shayan once again wins Hajra’s heart

But will Rehan Chaudhry ever give up?


The one of the classiest and rather exciting drama serial in the running, Inkaar on aired another episode and blew our minds. Penned down by veteran writer Zafar Mairaj and brilliantly directed by Kashif Nasir, the play is set in the interior Lahore and brings across some powerful performances with a very strong script. Yumna Zaidi and Sami Khan have out done themselves in their respective characters but Imran Ashraf remains the star of the show as the despicable Rehan Chaudhry. 

In this episode once again Shayan manages to win Hajra’s heart again while Rehan Chaudhry is struggling with his ego and pile of lies.

The episode begins when Hajra is listening to Shayan’s side of story and when Shayan finishes narrating his side Rehan starts denying that story by calling it a fabricated tale and he hits the new low by coming up with his cheap version where he does not realize how he disgraces Hajra through his narration. Hajra warns him not to show his face again and also that their story has ended here in Wazir Khan Mosque. Moreover she offers Shayan her hand and asks him to go with her.


Hajra is extremely exuberant for the first time after so long she seems truly happy. She shares her happiness with her father by telling him that the prayer which he has given to Shayan has been accepted. Her parents are more than happy to see their daughter’s happiness. Well Rehan Chaudhry has not yet given up on Hajra. He is extremely furious on how she has preferred Shayan over him and he is struggling with the fact that how can he let Shayan win as for him Hajra is more a matter of his ego than love.


The irony is that Rehan Chaudhry shouts at his girlfriend for not understanding the meaning of No when he himself cannot take a No as a No. Instead of respecting Hajra’s refusal he is planning to plot against Shayan and Hajra. He even partners with the University Dean to harass Shayan and Hajra. Hajra is so disturbed that she backs off from her decision of readmission in the University.


Rehan Chaudhry has the audacity to go to Shayan’s house and talk with his mother. He sugarcoats whatever he says and tells her she does not care for him. On the other hand we see Rehan’s mom with his girlfriend drop by Hajra’s place, but for what?

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  • It is really about consent isn’t it?Our society and culture simply wont accept that concept. females have no say. OUr silence is assumed to be our consent at time of nikkah whereas it is really an effective way of forcing a nikah through. We have dramas which re-enforce these misogyny to the point that we are being indoctrinated. It the same old moral lessons.

    A ‘NO’ is not a No. Rape and force is romanticized and made to look charming and cute. A good female is one who stays silent and doesnt fight for a her rights. Because fighting for your rights as a human being are seen as rebellion. And good girls dont rebel. They just follow what society, husbands and elders order them to irrespective of bad things are. A man can never be abusiv, violent or immoral enough. Females must have patience and just stay put. Bad girls are usually shown as independent or/and workin girls who stand up for their rights but who always meet a horrible end.

    It starts ffrom home. Parents both need to teach their sons about respecting ALL females and never force themselves on any female. A no means a no. A female has equal rights to males. We cant lean on our dramas for this change. It feels like they dont want to see change hence the same plot lines. I hope one day soon we can see plots where women can carry the story independently and not be reliant on men and where defaming a woman carrys a jail sentence.

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